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  1. Just saying, @klineka, that I generally miss left, with the driver, when the ball does not take the intended line. So I usually leave the driver in the bag if there is trouble, or no advantage to be found, down the left side. If the opposite is the case I'll pull the driver (pun intended) and feel good about it.
  2. It depends, also, on your default miss. When I get out of shape I yank the ball left. That isn't a problem on a dog leg left but it is a disaster on a dog leg right.
  3. My irons are approaching their 10th birthday...or 11th...I'm not certain. My driver, a Cleveland Hi-bore, dates to 2006. I don't know, exactly, how old my putter is.
  4. Well...I did...but I was dormie after 16 and it felt more like an escape than a win.
  5. I have one story from the 2020 golf season: it's wet...really, really, wet. Playing a golf shot, from the fairway, is akin to standing in a john boat and attempting to pick a ping pong ball off the surface of a pond. That being said...we had an excellent match last Sunday. It went into OT and was finally resolved with a birdie on the 20th hole.
  6. My dad was legally blind the last few years of his life. It didn't stop us from playing golf but we did have to make accommodations. He could see the green but not the cup...so i would stand directly behind the hole, on the longer putts, and he would putt at me. Another problem was his inability to identify his irons. We tried two things: one that worked and one that did not. The first was the braille approach. Dad couldn't read the numbers by touch, however, so we abandoned that idea. Next we tried colored plastic tape, similar to electrical tape, and met with success. He could distinguish yellow quite well. I wrapped each iron hosel with bright, yellow, tape and then numbered the clubs with a black Sharpie. That he could see.
  7. I've always used inexpensive golf balls. Once in a while the model I'm using is discontinued and I have to pick a new favorite. I think it is helpful, for me anyways, to use the same ball...especially around the green. I don't think it matters which ball one chooses though.
  8. We jump when there is clear sailing ahead. If it just means waiting behind another slow group...we stay put and accept reality.
  9. Piz

    Re-grip question

    Yeah...but then you don't get to pull the tee out with your teeth.
  10. Piz

    Re-grip question

    When using grip tape it is necessary to use solvent. Mineral spirits work fine. There are also products made specifically for the task. Plug the hole, in the butt end of the grip, with a tee. Pour, or squirt, some solvent into the grip. Put your thumb over it and give it a few shakes...then pour the solvent, from the grip, on the taped butt end of the club. Rub it all over, pull the tee, and slide the grip on. Align it and wipe off any excess solvent. P.S. Make sure to remove the backing from the grip tape before applying the solvent.
  11. My driver turned 14 this year. My irons are 10 or 11. The wedge ( a 54 ) is a couple years younger and the putter about the same. The fairways, and hybrid, date to around 2012 or so. I'm pretty much done buying golf clubs.
  12. Hey @iacas, I think he is talking about the Ernest Jones " swing the clubhead" idea. There is a video, by a woman who won one of the earlier women's Briitish Opens, in which she uses that analogy. The gist is: if the club moves correctly...then your body must accommodate its movement.
  13. I don't think about the differences in loft and length, in the top of the bag, as gaps. The driver, 3 wood, 5 wood, and hybrid are 9.5, 14, 18, and 19 degrees respectively. I use whatever club I feel is appropriate considering the wind and terrain. There is not, in other words, a 1 degree "yardage gap" between my 5 wood and my hybrid. P.S. My 14th club is a left-handed Niblick.
  14. Every adult male in my orbit played golf. It was a rite of passage; you were not an actual guy until you could strike a golf ball decently.
  15. Or if you model your game after Billy Casper.
  16. Been there done that. Coming back to the game, after a long hiatus, is the only situation I am familiar with. One wonders how it might be had there not been so much time away. The great thing...the very great thing...is how much game there is before you. And how could it be otherwise?
  17. I don't think it makes any difference. There is such a wide selection of weights and flex profiles, in both steel and graphite, that a golfer can play with whatever shaft material he or she prefers. If you'd rather all your clubs had graphite shafts...go for it. If you like your wedges just the way they are...why change?
  18. Hitting off a mat is fine so long as you pay attention to what you are doing. Yes you can get away with fat shots but you can certainly tell whether you are making a clean sweep or catching the mat slightly behind the ball. One drill I use with my friends who play infrequently is to place a penny in front of the ball and ask them the hit the penny instead of the ball. That usually shifts their focus to the front, rather than back, of the ball. When you are starting out with this game it is easy to fall prey to the impulse to attack the ball. The idea, however, is to have the club head pass through where the ball is...on its way to somewhere else.
  19. Thinking about what my wrists are doing has never helped my game. They can only function in they way they do. If I ask them to compensate for an out-of-shape pass...they don't understand what I'm on about. The best thing to ask your wrists to do, during the golf swing, is nothing.
  20. I'm going to procrastinate less...starting tomorrow.
  21. Try figuring out one club...whatever your favorite is at the moment. You don't know what you are doing and you have to sort that out. Learning this game takes as much patience as it does practice.
  22. For me it is a poor recovery. I've already screwed up and all I need to do is right the ship. Making a dog's breakfast of it...back to back...is a tough pill to swallow.
  23. Piz


    The middle column shows either the number of holes the player has completed or their score for the round.
  24. I could quote Bobby Jones, exactly, if I hadn't loaned out the book. Paraphrasing...it goes something like this. There are two ways one may approach golf. One may think of it as a convivial day out with friends...or put in the serious time and effort to elevate one's game above the average class. It will not do, high-evah, to conflate the two. Especially to hang the ambitions of the latter upon the labors of the former. That's as close as I get to having a mantra.
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