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  1. Not sure which model you found but, like others say, Tour Edge is top notch from my experience. Best, -Marv
  2. Totally failed to notice the topic was for a lefty. Mea culpa! best, -Marv
  3. Denny said it: It truly is a small donation when compared to what I receive. Best, -Marv
  4. How many swing thoughts before head-exploding overload? 😎 Best, -Marv
  5. My index has also ballooned. BUT surprisingly my ball-striking is much improved (both rotator cuffs and RA fairly under control). Not surprisingly the strokes from 40-50 yds in to the final putt prevents lower scores b/c I don't focus on that in practice. So, that's me. I'm heartened by the fact I have shot well under my HC in 3 tournaments this year, just not in regular play. Best, -Marv
  6. Talk to a Mizuno fitter. They can and often do recommend a mixed set with,say, MB or CB irons in the longer clubs. Most better players I know have done that. Best, -Marv
  7. Same with my Mizuno hybrid-DIR's (3,4, 5). I got so frustrated I tried to go back to more shallow faced hybrids with about 80% success. Then, after working with them, when I figured how to set up to the Mizuno's 3 and 4, the percentage of straight and long went up and is still going up. I am wearing the 3 out for my longer 2nd shots (my senior drives are good but not all that long). I found a semi-matching 5 (has a senior shaft) and it has become my go-to club. Confidence in all my Mizuno's has steadily increased. Good topic. Best, Marv
  8. Try looking at the Maltby Playability Factor for each and compare the MOI for each as well as their ratings. Not perfect in any way but can give you one way to compare. Best, -Marv
  9. Like the "green light-yellow light-red light" thought that I use. Kind of "go or no-go" thinking, and depends on my confidence level in making the shot at that moment. Now to go break 90 more often! Best, -Marv
  10. Yeah...It seems I focus on the other clubs and swings when I think of instruction. I'll check into it. Best, -Marv I do have a straight line stroke (I think). I will check out your ideas. I know a master putter builder and fitter...He might give me five minutes of thoughts. Best, -Marv
  11. @ALong17, please heed. An instructor's throwaway, offhand remarks irk me because they can and do have unintended consequences. Such as needless spending. Nail him/her down about the shafts...What's lacking, what's a potential solution, and what are recommendations where you can go for further info, etc. Best, -Marv
  12. Check out G-Stats on Amazon or Ebay...Paper but easy to use. (I NEVER remember most of my round anymore; probably need to concentrate more.) Best, -Marv
  13. Right...I'm planning to go to a couple of stores/fitters in next weeks, not rushing. When I'm "on" the distance is right...But not often. Thanks and Best, -Marv
  14. I play a Mizuno TP Mills #6 blade putter, toe-balanced. I suffer from alignment issues (as well as other problems, I suppose). I'm thinking a mallet putter with newer technology in weighting and alignment aids might help my scoring on the greens. Any thoughts? Much appreciated. Best, -Marv
  15. Agree...and as a high HCP, I need the higher loft. Good luck! Best, -Marv
  16. Yay! Here you will find, hackers and pros, north south east and west, thick and thin, old and young...All enjoy life to the fullest (except for the gremlins; stay away from the gremlins). Best wishes, -Marv
  17. Hello @iacas...May I have an eagle award? Thanks, -Marv
  18. He says, about hole in one, "Luck! How good is luck" Agree...I hardly ever thinks about my only hole in one. And last Saturday's first eagle was really nice but not over the moon. What I truly enjoy is playing my nemesis hole...a long second shot over a river chasm to a hard fairway where, if I make it, the ball can go anywhere. That's the shot and hole I remember and enjoy. Best, -Marv
  19. All true, but I still call the ball a "communist" when it inexplicably races into the woods or a sand trap. Best, -Marv
  20. Saturday, August 24...Drive to center of fairway on short par 4 Hole #2. 9 iron to a few inches in front of pin and it rolled in! EAGLE! Sure made my day, though not my round, 'cause I've never had an eagle. Best, -Marv
  21. @iacasHad an EAGLE today! On Hole #2 at White Stone Golf Course, Fort Worth. I have had a hole in one (3-11-07, mucho years ago, but never an eagle. Thanks, -Marv
  22. +1 to both posts. Last round I played was a struggle to remember that I have little or no control over where the ball ends up...Great shot, bad bounce...Bad shot, great bounce. Just go play it as it lies and talk to my friends in between. Great topic. Best, Marv
  23. My own high HCP method...I putt without hands or wrists hinging, shoulder "rock" only...whenever I am at my best. That is the way I chip as well. 8 iron most of the time, but depends on distance. Anyway, it works for me. Best, Marv
  24. Yeah...I played like a rotten tomato at two VG Michigan courses last week with my Cleveland SGI irons. Probably going to return to my SGI Mizunos to score better. I hit them very well yesterday, including the Fli-Hi hybrid-irons. May need to get them adjusted for a little more upright though B/C I like to stand a bit closer to the ball. Thanks to all for understanding that a Very Senior high GHIN golfer may need to get help in the form of SGI clubs as well as instruction. Best, -Marv
  25. Maybe when I get to a 3.6 HCP...In the next life. Best, Marv 😎
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