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  1. I have used globalgolf.com and have been happy with what I received. Basically all of the clubs in my bag except driver (used from ebay) and putter (new from golfmart) are from there. Irons and 3W were open box and basically brand new. Wedges, 3H and 5W were used in very good condition or better. You would need to get head covers/tools separately, which global golf also sells.
  2. Thanks! Yes I will need to track my super speed progress. I'll look for the thread. I also got the radar but it didn't seem too consistent compared to the GC2 simulator. I may return it to amazon. Or exchange it. Maybe I have a lemon?
  3. After feeling like I plateaued with my golf game, I decided to take lessons at Golftec last May and so far have been pleased with the results. So far we have mostly worked on full swings with irons using a simulator/cameras with the exception of two playing lessons on an exec. course. One for short game and another for game management. In addition to the lessons, I'm practicing about 3-4 hours a week. 2hrs indoors at Golftec, 1-2hrs at the local practice range. In an effort to gauge whether or not the lessons (and practice) are paying off, I ended up calculating my handicap index prior to my first lesson which was at 24.0. I basically gathered up my old scorecards from my previous 15 rounds for my baseline. Since then I've been keeping track of my index history and so far it seems to be dropping. I'm now at a 20.7. So it looks like the lessons/practice are working. I signed up for a 12 month plan. My goal by the end of the 12 month plan is to have an index of 15 or better. I also bought game golf live (learned about it from TST) and have shared my rounds with my coach as he also happened to have game golf. And I also picked up a super speed kit (also thanks to the TST recommendation) and have added that to my workout routine. I hope that these tools will help supplement my lessons. Overall I've been very happy with the results. I only wish I would have taken lessons sooner! For those on the fence about taking lessons, if you have the time and money, do it! I'll continue to post my progress every 2 months or so.
  4. https://www.gamegolf.com/player/jimnm/round/2335901 88 is my best score so far. And I still felt that there was quite a bit of room for improvement. I've been happy with my iron play. Golftec lessons have been paying off there. Short game needs practice. I need a putting lesson too (3 putts are killing me!). And driver needs work. I can sometimes carry 250 yards. The problem is the shanked drive that dives into the rough 100 yards from the tee. This seems to happen 2-3 times a round...
  5. This would be fun to watch, hopefully it happens! http://www.golf.com/knockdown/2018/07/05/tiger-woods-phil-mickelson-10-million-match-play-event
  6. For temps up to 90F, I'll walk if the course allows. Anything greater than 90F, I would probably opt for a cart but will still play for whatever high temp So Cal brings. Assuming low humidity which is usually the case in So Cal.
  7. Mine was rejected as well...
  8. I would love to carry 250 on average. According to GC2 during lessons/practice, I have carried 250 a few times. But I'm usually in the 230 to 240 range on good strikes. I'm plan to eventually invest in SuperSpeed to get me closer to the 250+ average carry mark. I have never been fitted for my driver (or any club for that matter). So perhaps there is something to be gained there. I plan to get fitted with my golf instructor in July. Also, Game Golf has been great in helping with accurately learn my distances. I know it measures total distance of shots, but it still gives a good idea of where my carry distances are at.
  9. I am about the same if not slightly worse than a year ago. I finally started to take some golf lessons a few months ago. While quite a few aspects of my swing have changed for the better, I'm still adjusting and grooving the changes. This can be problematic when on the golf course when applying major changes to my swing. But I expect my scores to drop somewhat significantly in a year from now so long as I continue with my lessons and stay on top of my drills and practice.
  10. Some are whiny spoiled babies. I would say most are not. Just as with everything else in life.
  11. Dunlop set (Driver through putter) from K-Mart when I was 15 in 1995. The set cost $200. It was the only set I had until 2011. My brother will still use them on occasion.
  12. A friend of mine said he played the south in US Open conditions back in 2008 the week after the tournament. If they do this again in 2021, I hope to play it. Just for the experience.
  13. For the one the follows you, it looks like it ranges from $2200 to $3200 depending on the model.
  14. Ha ha! I've seen these electric "push" carts regularly here in San Diego.
  15. How long do you use the same ball for? Multiple holes? Multiple Rounds? Use it till you lose it? I used to lose multiple balls a round. But that is becoming less frequent. I realized today I have a ball that has been through 2 rounds. It has some minor scratches. I'll probably keep using it for now.
  16. I use to use Nike PD when I was losing a lot of balls. Because they were inexpensive at Big 5. Not sure if they still sell those.
  17. I voted Yes. Having a San Diego resident card means I get to play Torrey Pines for pretty cheap. Playing Torrey in early January is very tough as they let the rough grow pretty tall in preparation for the Famers Ins. Open. It's fun playing in those conditions even though my scores go up because of it. It makes me appreciate how good the tour players are.
  18. I have a very old Golfbuddy Voice GPS which is convenient for playing. It still works great after 5 years or so of use. Not too many bells and whistles. Just front/middle/back distances. Battery life easily gets me through a long round of 4.5 hrs. The only downside (as with any GPS) is remembering to fully charge it the night before I play. I just invested in a Bushnell Pro X2 last week. I have yet to use it on the course, but can't wait till I do. I found a 20% off coupon online for Golf Galaxy which made it a little more reasonable price wise. It seems very well built, so I'm hoping I get several years of use out of it. I plan to still to use my Golfbuddy voice as well for blind shots.
  19. Once I address the ball, 5 seconds or less. Probably more like 2-3 seconds. For swing thoughts, it's usually just one or two thoughts. Whatever I happen to be working on with my golf instructor at the time.
  20. Yes, I'm a brand snob. I don't think I would ever buy clubs from a non major brand. If I had to choose between two major brands and one of them performed slightly worse than the other, but looked better, I am going with looks. Because of the confidence it would give me. I'm okay with mixing brands in my bag. But I like to keep my Driver/woods the same brand. My irons (and possibly wedges) the same brand. Putter is a 2016 Scotty Newport that I don't see changing anytime soon. As far as my bag, it needs to be pretty much monotone in color with minimal logos. Also, it cannot be from a club manufacturer. It would bother me too much to have a Titleist bag when I have some Nike clubs in it. I use an all black Ogio Grom bag from ~2011. I've recently been eyeing the Jones utility stand bag.
  21. Thank you. I'll have to keep a watch for the So Cal outings. Torrey is nice, but it's always fun to try new courses and meet new people. 👍
  22. Thanks for the warm welcome! That is a bummer being just outside the city limits. It really is a great deal with the resident card. I have a couple of friends who moved from SD to Encinitas and now miss out on the discounted rates.
  23. Electrical Engineer. 17 years now. Wow time flies!
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