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  1. If your expectations on club head speed are accurate, I think your figuring makes sense. You are in your early 30s, right? That 12 loft club with the extra flexy shaft is not for a young man. Even if you learn to hit it well, you are artificially limiting your distance. As an example, my club head speed is like 103 average. I am using 7.5 loft and my AoA is pretty high. I'm not sure exactly because I keep changing it, but I get plenty of height out of my drives. The low lofted club keeps the rpms down too (2100 or so), so the path is not the gentle rise followed by the nose dive. I get lots of roll when I manage the baby draw. I do struggle to maintain that flight path though. I gotta post an updated video. At any rate, I hope you ditch both the head and shaft you have been using. Good luck!
  2. Yeah, that is not the result I am accustomed to getting when I skull a bunker shot. His reaction speaks volumes of how he viewed the outcome.
  3. Is "fewer bunkers" an option? My guess is that upkeeping 10 bunkers is a lot less expensive than upkeeping 30. For the design aspects, there are certainly other ways to protect the green. This seems so simple to me that I am concerned that there is some critical element I am missing. Okeeheelee, my nemesis, is only about 6100 yards, but damn it is hard. One of the most evil of tricks is the plateau greens with fairly thick rough below. But then you have the slopes and the kidney bean greens that demand a chip from the green if you end up on the wrong side. There's also the simple tree placement just off the green.
  4. That really is extraordinary behavior. I wonder how long it took him to make the decision to turn himself in. Did he consider all of the ramifications first? I do not know the fellow's financial circumstances, so I am assuming they are not dire. If that is so, this is probably a very wise decision for him, and not just an honest one. Sure, he missed the cut. There will be other tournaments. But this has been an opportunity for him to show his quality, and he comes out looking unimpeachable. This guy will now forever have a sheen of excellence about him in my eyes.
  5. I could. Same thing, really. EDIT: I think I like the act of the practice putt though, now that I think about it. There is fringe benefit in performing the act you wish to emulate.
  6. Oh, I sure do. It reminds me to use my shoulders instead of wrists. And I need the reminder. Fair enough. But here’s the thing: it does not really matter if rushing the putt is causing it to miss. The fact is that rushing the putt CAN cause it to miss. It’s dumb of me to entertain any habit that has that potential, especially when it is so simple to correct. I was just wondering how many of you are as dumb/lazy/easy to manipulate as I am.
  7. Okay, forget the 30 seconds. That number is not important. I mean, clearly and obviously not important. It could be 5 or 10 or 15 seconds. Noting that 30 seconds is too long to think about a 2-foot putt is not responding to the content of the OP.
  8. I left an easy putt on the green this past Sunday, and it bothered me enough that I am still thinking about it the next day. It was under two feet, the result of a long putt on the previous stroke, with a bit of a break in it. I was the last to putt and the other guys were already walking off the green. I did not want to hold the party up, and it was so short that I skipped the entire part of investigating, analyzing, and then executing the plan. Ya know...golf. So I hit it straight and it lipped out due to the break. Thing is, I do that often. And I am not the only one. I mostly golf with the same 8 or 10 people all the time. And I think every one of us has done this. Nobody is rushing us, either. If I stayed an extra 30 seconds to do it right every single time I would not get any grief for it. Is this a problem in our "culture" that we need to intentionally fix or is it just the nature of amateur golf for fun - not league play? (I do not see those as mutually exclusive, btw. A person can play smart when not in competition.) Mostly I am interested in hearing if any of you guys do this, and if any of you have successfully got out of this REALLY STUPID habit.
  9. Here's a wrinkle for you ornithologists. This fellow tagged alongside us yesterday. Not quite as fearless though. Until my education from you folks last week, I would have guessed that this is the same bird. But it does not even look like the photo by sjduffers. The head here is black on top. Is THIS a Blue Heron? EDIT: It looks like some have black on the top of the head, just based upon an image search.
  10. 90 today. 45/45. Driver was great. Approach shots were kinda meh (7 GIR). Missed an 18 inch putt, but made three from over 8 feet. Par 3s killed me. But the course we were on has four par 3s. The distances are like 175, 195, 209, 170. That's long for me. Only lost one ball. Brilliant weather. Did not sweat a drop.
  11. True. I have not. But I can imagine. Instead of a straight path carved out of scrub brush, you have a straight path carved out of nothing.
  12. Sure. Looks like it. They both live here. I wonder if the herons are as loud. Those things sure were.
  13. Something that you will not mind losing in a pond. Just remember, "soft" tend to go straighter and not as long. "Tour Distance" and similar labels are supposed to go longer but not as straight. The top-end balls, claim to have both benefits. That said, I thought this topic was for a tournament structure. Oh, here is a more complete analysis: Ultimate Golf Ball Guide: 35 new golf ball models for 2019 Need help choosing new golf balls? Here you'll find everything you need to know about 35 new golf balls from eight top manufacturers.
  14. Florida is a stupid, long, monotonous slog. It takes about 4 hours from the Georgia border to Orlando, and another 3 to Ft. Lauderdale. Most of that is through emptiness. Flat, tree-lined scrubland. Living here, you really do not leave the state unless you plan to be gone for more than a few days because it is so remote. And that is usually by air anyway. I know roughly as many people from Latin America and the Caribbean as I do from other states.
  15. Right. That's what we were commiserating on. Feeling unworthy!
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