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  1. Man, my joke fell flat there. Ya know...I was with my grandpa...? Also, how is throwing a club not an etiquette thing?
  2. 40-60 yards is my problem zone. I am in it so often and I am getting increasingly petrified of it.
  3. Crossfit is expensive. I mean, not by golf standards perhaps. But it is an investment. The one near me is exactly 10x my gym membership. It is an investment in effort too, not just money. I have been lifting weights 5x week for over a decade. I am also the least flexible person I have ever met - (except possibly for two of my kids who are apparently built the same). Given those two issues, I am not aware that my mobility is hindering my game. I'm not even sue if the two equal a net loss in mobility.
  4. Checkerfred, you are right to ask this. It must be practiced because it is not natural to do so. To answer your questions, you put your weight forward quite a bit, to the point that your left foot (right-handed) will roll some. Your left knee bends considerably in front of that foot, and just about all of your weight is over on the left side. Check out the vids though. I did.
  5. Everything is going to be slower than the driver since the driver has the longest shaft. I have to say though, that this is a pretty strange question to be asking, considering that your goal is to simply hit a fairway.
  6. I certainly hope so. That has nothing to do with the Equal Rights Amendment. Oh, and by the way...ERA does not exist.
  7. This depends on the hole, right? There are a few par5s I play often enough to remember how they go. Park Ridge has six par5s. Two of them have almost no protection, and one of those is not very long. This really is a birdie hole - not that I can remember ever achieving it. But it is smart to go for it if you are decent with a 3-wood. But then at Osprey Point, the par5s all seem to have constricted fairways surrounded by thick brush instead of rough, especially around the green. Those are sucker holes. It took me awhile to recognize why I scored so poorly on those holes. I still do not par them often, but I do not get those awful 7s and 8s much anymore either. Even without improving ball striking in this equation, I have definitely peeled several strokes off my game at this course. And that is all managing the missed shots.
  8. I took mine out of the bag. I acknowledge that it may end up back in the bag at some point. But at the moment, I can not afford the catastrophies that occur when I either carpet under it with a full swing that goes 15 yards or blade the sucker, sending the ball 90 yards. The vertical surface is just too small for my skill level. As for the shots from a hillside...funny story, once I was a on a steepish slope of about 30 degrees, hit the ball square with the lob wedge. Ball goes up , hits darn near where it started, and rolls down the hill, backward. 30+60=90 after all. Foolish. RetiredOldMan, I see most of the retired guys hitting bump and runs whenever possible. Do you?
  9. This topic has jumped the shark because of the silly retrenchment. Some people just enjoy arguing for the sake of arguing. It is entirely obvious that dressing well is an element of encouraging proper behavior. That is the reason dress codes exist anywhere. It is not a guarantee, so anecdotal examples of the opposite are without much merit. Speaking of anecdotes that do not lend credence... The foursome in from of us today were driving cart on the fringe of the greens, yelling loud, and doing things like taking many shots off the tee, making casual stops at the restroom thus holding up all of the groups behind them as far back as I could count with that slow pace. And they were wearing tee shirts - every one of them.
  10. 89. One of a handful of sub-90 rounds I have ever shot. Back nine (41) felt like everything was clicking.
  11. Yes. Certainly. I have learned so much from practice, from mistakes, and especially from all of you on this forum. I have only been tracking my handicap since the Spring, but I bet it has fallen about eight or nine strokes in the past 12 months. It feels pretty spectacular to look toward the future with hopeful anticipation.
  12. In my view it is simply a matter of respect. If you start from a position of reverence for the game, the decision to make sure you always dress (and act) in a manner that speaks well of you while you are on the course is an obvious one.
  13. It is a privilege for each of us to be able to hit a tiny ball into a hole on acres of manicured land. Most humans will never get to participate in such conspicuous consumption. From the equipment to the technical knowledge of biomechanics to the pretty cart girl, we are in debt to those who envisioned and adapted the game before us. Show some modicum of respect for the game and its centuries of history. Rake the sand trap. Don’t crowd the group on the tee box in front of you. And just wear a friggin’ shirt with a collar. <drops mike>
  14. I struggle to keep the face square, and I am quite interested in it. Is there a best exercise for practicing it? Would you consider this challenge to be such an exercise? Is it purely mental, or can it be a muscle memory endeavor?
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