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  1. I had two players make the cut, Cink and Bradley! I’m expecting to rack up major points!😜
  2. Do it off the driveway then!😜
  3. My device died after 5 holes yesterday. I charged it 2 days ago, so I’m not sure what happened. I will try again next round.
  4. It is, but I also vary the top end depending on the course. I think about tee shots and what I’ll need, especially the par 3 holes. Some courses I don’t need a 5 iron. Others, like today’s, I left out the 21 hybrid and used the 5 on two tee shots. I keep the wedge set up, which is PW (47), GW (51), 54 and 58.
  5. Is there a more diagnostic term for that condition?
  6. FWIW, Titleist doesn’t even have the 3, 4 designation, they just have loft. Mine are 21 and 24. I call them 3 and 4H because my 5 iron is 27 degrees.
  7. Day 207: Played 18 solo this am. I’m really surprised the course wasn’t crowded at all. Caught up to a twosome, but they were playing fast. Had a rough front 9, but excellent back 9 for a 45/37=82. Played a lot of 3/4 approach shots with everything up to a 5 iron. Also used a 3/4 5 iron on two really down hill par 3 holes that were about 150-155 to the center. Had one great up and down on a tough par 4. My drive was dead center of the fairway when it landed, but roll hard left. I had to punch out to about 95 out but very uphill. Pitched a 3/4 gap wedge to 3 feet.
  8. It’s a good drill to do with lifting the front heel. It’s similar to the full swing flow COVID drill. The feel I use is more planting the left foot back down and pushing back.
  9. Day 206: Brutal round this morning, 20-30 mph winds, the fairways were wet and they rolled the greens so it was running 11-12 on the stimp. Greens were really firm too considering how much rain we got the last two days. Shot an 86 and played poorly.
  10. The Styx song Too Much Time on My Hands comes to mind.
  11. It’s basically this, letting it rise. My instructor used Stenson, Nicklaus and Kyle Berkshire as examples with a slight shift back. It can add power for the driver. But I had already solidified other back and downswing elements.
  12. Day 205: I was able to squeeze in about 20 minutes work between rain showers. Just focused on transition feels and center face contact.
  13. I estimate first putt length. When I first took AimPoint, we practiced estimating distance because it was part of the mid-read technique. It’s pretty easy once you break the putt into sections visually.
  14. Thanks for the post and update. I think we are all waiting for them to resolve these issues. I don’t want to abandon it for another system just yet. I do hope they resolve it soon.
  15. Possibly for you it may be mild, but once infected you can infect many others. 600,000 people have died from this. That’s the population of Wyoming or Vermont. The vaccine, if we all take it, can make this virus a very minimal risk. We did it with small pox, polio, typhoid, measles and many other diseases that killed millions of people over the last few centuries. Why risk your health or the health of your loved ones when a free vaccine will help immensely.
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