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  1. Crazy Rich Asians - Birdie. Very funny Romcom. What made it interesting for me is I’ve been to Singapore twice and recognized all the locations. Acting was good too.
  2. Day 166, March 22 Mirror work at the gym focusing on hips turning through impact an at target at A8-9. Followed with SS training, 103/104 today with the green. A bit slower than I hoped.
  3. I saw that and was going to post it. You beat me too it! We saw one in NH last year. We looked back at the tee we were just on and there it was!
  4. Tiger didn’t hit those great shots with his attitude, he hit them with his physical ability. He could hit them more often because he was better physically. He had better hand eye coordination, hit the sweet spot on his irons and woods with more accuracy. He could hit shots high and low, left and right. He was just flat out better than them. By your logic, Usain Bolt won his gold medals because he wanted it more and had more mental toughness. But the truth is, he was just faster. It is just you.
  5. Day 165, March 21 Worked on getting the hips more open at impact with 7 iron and driver. This is part of my PP progression. Filmed some slower swings to see progress.
  6. You sway back a lot on the backswing. Check out this thread. And for the Down the Line view, align the camera on your toe line.
  7. Looks really good considering not much practice. I wish I had your flexibility. I would focus on address to get center hits. Use the magic marker dot technique on the ball and adjust set up so its dead center.
  8. I only have a few greens that I play have areas above a four.
  9. Day 163, March 19 Super Speed training at the gym with some mirror work. 108/110 with the green.
  10. He seems to hold his own as does Freddy. They seem to fade on the last day though.
  11. Nah, definitely organic. The golf ball that hooked in the water certainly contained carbon molecules. Splash!!!! Cheap date!
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