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  1. Ummmmm, I would hardly say beating Rory by 1 stroke and Tiger by 2 strokes is beating them in "convincing" fashion. The tournament could have very easily gone Rory or Tiger's if it weren't for a few mistakes/bad breaks.
  2. Going to chime in here as a Rolex wearer, previous to that, wore an Omega (kind that took batteries). The Rolex, in my case, the Sea Dweller is a beautiful watch, however as a mechanical self winding timepiece every month I need to reset the time since mine tends to gain a few minutes over the course of a month. Not a big deal for me but I can see how it would bother others, but i'm sure battery operated quartz timepieces like my Omega would bother some as well, especially when the watch ran low on battery and eventually stopped at the most in opportune times forcing me to find a watch shop
  3. Quote: Highly doubt it, the "s" most likely stands for "speed" same as when the iphone went from the 3g to the 3gs. There was no change to the outside of the phone but inside, faster processor and such. Same for the iphone 4 vs the 4s, same on the outside, inside, faster processor among other things.
  4. Yes, the media should stop asking other golfers for their opinion on Tiger, but your assertion that Tiger is no longer "relevant" to golf just does not hold up. Case in point, Tiger will be playing in this week's Fry.com Open ( http://www.golfworldmonday.com/golfworldmonday/20111003?sub_id=GdepOqGKZAGv#pg8 ) and the tournament director said that tickets sales were up more than 40% from last year (he attributed most of those sales coming in after Tiger's announcement), volunteers also flocked to offer their services and sponsors were willing to part with their cash. This for a tourname
  5. You seemed to have missed my points: 1) Being able to hit a great shot with a much more difficult club to hit with is a lot more satisfying than hitting the same great shot with a much easier club to hit with. That's just human nature. 2) A big part of golf is confidence, and for a lot of us, the equipment we play plays a big role in instilling that confidence............i personally like addressing a ball with a blade with a thin topline and little to no offset versus a thick topline and a ton of offset. The blade just feels better in my hands and that "better feeling" helps inst
  6. I'm not exactly a low capper, and I play blades. I even bag a 2i blade and a 60* wedge, oh the nerve of me!!! I have my on days and off days, which would probably be no different than I would have with a set of cavity backs. Could I save a few strokes per round using more forgiving clubs? Possibly. Would I get the same level of satisfaction when striping the ball with a CB versus a blade? Definitely not. Would I get the same feeling of awe and confidence when addressing a ball with a blade versus a shovel at the end of a stick? Definitely not. Play what you want to play, play wh
  7. Let's take the subjectivity out of the equation and base the top 5 purely on something that can be quantified and measured. Great golfers are all about winning tournaments, plain and simple. The greatest golfers are all about winning majors, once again, plain and simple. With that in mind take a look at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_golfers_with_most_PGA_Tour_wins Snead had 82 wins over 30 years, Nicklaus had 73 wins over 25 years, and Tiger has 71 wins over only 16 years (this year not being over yet). If I was a betting man, I would think Tiger would win at lea
  8. Just a thought.......how tight is your glove? It should be like a second skin is what i've been told. I used to use a M/L Cadet glove and my instructor noticed too much "bunching" up on my glove and suggested I got to a smaller size glove, and guess what, i went to a Cadet Small (momentarily blow to my ego) but it's improved my grip. It's helped me "feel" more and grip more relaxed, and also, prevent "twisting" that you seemed to be experiencing and something that I used to experience.
  9. I've posted an updated, current swing video taken a week ago (22 August 2011) in my original post for this thread. Could some of you swing gurus take a look and let me know what you like/dislike, and key areas of improvement? BTW, I've been working with my swing instructor every other week for the past 4-5 months and I plan on continuing to work with him until i go broke!!! :) Thanks!!!
  10. Gio congrats!!! I see there are a couple of local nyc/nj area golfers here. The closest to a hole in 1 for me was like 3 inches to the hole :( I've holed out from the fairway, rough, and sand several times, but never a hole in one. By the way, i like the way you mark your scorecard. I know the number in the upper right of your score for a hole is #putts, but the x in the bottom left is for GIR? And the row below is to track Fairways hit, left, right?
  11. http://www.groupon.com/north-jersey/deals/novogolf You can't beat this deal!!! $59 for a one hour trackman fitting (worth $150) plus a $25 pro shop credit.
  12. Ohhhh cry me a river. Stevie is going to write a book and make millions off of it, not to mention the millions and millions he made off of Tiger in the past decade+.
  13. Considering that i'm chopping out from the woods a lot, no barefoot for me either!!! :)
  14. Can you explain the diff between cocking/un-cocking vs. hinging/un-hinging?
  15. Agreed on playing blades will "force" you to get better or force you to quit altogether. With that said, if you want a single club to help you with ball striking, get a tour striker. This will not only "force" you to get better but get better where it counts, at the point of impact. You can still flip with a blade and post a decent score, you can't really flip with the tour striker.
  16. I was at a casual golf outing once with about 16 people, and I was in the first group to tee off so not only had my foursome watching me but everyone else in the outing hanging out at the first tee box watching me tee off. I shanked my drive and everyone was like take a mulligan........and i was so embarrassed but proceeded to put another tee in the ground as i normally do towards the left side of the tee box to play a draw and as I begin to address the ball i realize i put the tee in too close to the tee box marker such that I couldn't take my stance because it was smack dab in the way of my
  17. At what point would a fade be considered a slice and a draw a hook?
  18. I don't think Rickie is overhyped. He's young, he's got game, and he's a fresh face to golf that attracts the kids........a marketer's dream. With that said, you can only be "young" for so long before you're no longer fresh faced and hype-able, especially if you can't get a W in on your resume.
  19. How do you figure that? At this level of competition and caliber player who could potentially play in a pga tournament, you would have to assume the other guy hit 2 great shots to the tune of 20 maybe even a 19 but if I hit a 18 I wouldn't necessarily assume that would be good enough either, and I probably would have gone for 20-21 or bust. If you don't believe you're capable of hitting the shots that you need to when you need to, you probably don't belong at that level of competition.
  20. Sorry, how do you figure that? What exactly does swing speed have to do with hitting blades effectively assuming you have the right shaft for your swing and you're a good ball striker?
  21. I used to play often with a good friend of mine who has never broken a 100 on a rather difficult course in the area and before the round he would always buy a dozen pro v1's and by the turn he would have to buy another dozen, of pro v1's. This always cracked me up, because he would say he chose the most expensive balls because they were "superior" and if it weren't for that superiority he would lose more balls. Yeah.........sure.
  22. Agree with others regarding unrealistic goals. A realistic one might be to break 100 in that time period. Considering that you will need to shave off 30+ strokes in 3+ months, that in itself would be quite an accomplishment and one that is not only somewhat realistic but one that you can be proud of. Additionally, as others have mentioned, and from personal experience, playing rounds that frequently will not only take a toll on you physically, but mentally as well, especially when the results don't coincide with the lofty expectations that you have preset for yourself. With all that
  23. the interesting thing about the shafts is that even though it seems like a PX equivalent in terms of geared towards hard swingers, seems like people are switching from the kbs tours to these because they retain the same KBS "feel" but with that PX like performance (without the harshness of the PX as some claim). All this while lowering spin and increasing distance over PX and KBS tours alike. Wish you would give these a try to get your opinion. I'm thinking of shafting up a backup club just to see what these are all about. I currently use KBS Tours, and love the feel, but could always use
  24. Seriously guys? I'm sure Tiger has given alot, lot, lot, lot more over the years since establishing the TW Foundation than just the million dollars that he gave and that some of you are getting on his case about by having this specific donation made public. How much have you given to charity lately even if it was $10? Yeah, didn't think so.
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