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The Pit - Aberdeen NC

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Wondering if anyone in the Pinehurst/NC area has heard of the sale of The Pit?  There were rumblings that Pinehurst had bought the course from the current owner but it's still been kept up and should only be closed a week or two.  I ask because 8 of us are going on a trip down there in March and one of our rounds is scheduled to be played there.  The company I booked the tee times through said they were confident the course was still in good shape and should re-open soon, but if I don't hear any word soon I'm going to try and change the tee time to someplace else nearby.



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Hrmmm.. I haven't heard anything about it.  Did you call the course itself?


Just curious, what other courses do you have lined up?

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It was official a few days ago (maybe a week) that Pinehurst bought the Pit and for now the Pit isn't going to reopen in the forseeable future.


While down there we're also playing Legacy, Southern Pines, Pinewild Magnolia and Holly, and Pinehurst #5.  We're only there 3 days so we're trying to keep the courses close to eachother to get 36 in for a day, except Saturday we're just playing Pinehurst.


I was down there this weekend and played Tobacco Road and it was in really good shape.  Also played The Preserve at Jordan Lake.  Everything is dry, greens are nice and the weahter is pretty nice though.

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I read something about the pit getting sold in the paper the other day but didn't read the entire thing.

I couldn't believe how green Tobacco Road is compared to Sanford golf course, Carolina Lakes and Quail ridge.
Tobacco road is 5 minutes from the house so I pass it every day and I am debating going there and dropping the $60 or $80 (however much it is) to play because I'm a beginner and I've only played 5 rounds... ever. So I still have a crap short game and I've heard that Tobacco Road is tough if you get off the fairway.
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Did anyone play this course in the months of April & of May?
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I thought it was closed.
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Here is an article, that is unfortunately undated - that talks about Pinehurst developing No. 9 on the land purchased that included The Pit - and it states that The Pit is not part of the Pinehurst plans.




the tweet link at the bottom of the article takes you to a tweet from July 2012

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