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Using the same grip throughout your set.

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I'm looking to change my grips and am curious about peoples opinions on uniformity in their set. I currently have 7 different grips in my bag, mainly because I kept the OEM grips on each club after purchase. I really dislike the grips on my clubs, woods in particular, and am trying to decide whether or not to re-grip the whole set with one style or to mix it up (e.g. firm corded grips for irons, tacky grips for wedges, nonslip grips for woods) Any opinions?

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Up until this season I've had GolfPride Tour Velvet on all of my clubs.  I've replaced most of my clubs since late last season and now I've got assorted OEM grips on everything.  That's going to change soon, I'm just trying to figure out if I'm go back to the Tour Velvet or maybe switch to the new decade multi compound.  I might get a couple done with the multi compound and make a decision then.

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Everyone of my clubs has the same grip (except putter), I like them all to feel the same in my hand.  But like everything else it's a personal preference.

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I currently have GP Tour Velvets on my irons and wedges, and then various OEM grips on the woods.  I really like the Tour Velvets, but when it comes time to re-grip my clubs at some point this season, I am going to go a local golf store and check out the various brands and styles (they have a bunch on display, and also some on various irons to try).


My suggestion is to do the same, and try out a few different kinds to see what you like the best (I also like PURE grips).


I may put one kind on my woods and long irons (for better vibration control), and then another for the short irons through wedges (for softer feel and response).  Not sure yet, but this is how I am leaning at the moment.


I also may try different color schemes on my clubs for the woods, long irons, and short irons / wedges (just to try something a bit different).

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I like the rubbery grips that usually come with clubs. However they do tend to wear out quickly. When I buy a club I don't immediately regrip it but as soon as the stock grip starts showing wear I replace it.


I like having the same grip on my Irons and wedges I don't really care about my woods and Putter.

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Just do whatever you think is best.  I don't think it really matters.  A few years ago I was wanting to try out different grips so over a season I think I had about 7 different models on my clubs.  Didn't make a bit of difference.  I am to the point where I have a few favorites now, so it is usually only two styles for me.  I found a great grip that I like that my Dad had on his clubs but it was discontinued.  I bought as many as I could find and just use them on my woods since they are very soft and tacky. 


The great thing about grips is that they aren't all that expensive so you can try different things and not be too committed to them.  Give your idea a try for a season and see what you think.  If you don't like it, they are easy to change.

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I am partial to the GP Tour Velvets, and have them on everything except the putter (Tiger Shark jumbo).  I like the way the feel, and like all the clubs to feel the same.  No wraps on everything except the SW and LW, which have 3 wraps as I like a little fatter grip on the wedges.

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I prefer the same grip on all my clubs, I play the Golf Pride New Decade, for what it is worth.

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I agree with it is ideal for every club to have the same tactile feel.....and wouldnt a star sidewinder feel good in rainy, sunny and cold weather ( although I am using Gripmaster leathers on mine!!!)

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Thanks for the input. Looks like we are going to regroup the whole set. Now the tough part, GP TV Cords, GP ND MCC, or lamkin crossline cords?
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I've started to regrip my set with the GP new decade half-cords.  I love the feel of them.

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I use the GP White tour wrap grips from driver to 58 degree in my bag


think it is just a mental thing hate the difference between club grips

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I use two different grips.  Golf Pride VDR midsize on my irons and wedges, and Winn Lite midsize on my hybrid, 3-wood, and driver.  The Winn Lite is because I run these clubs a little shorter then normal (44.5" driver, 42.5" 3-wood, and 40" hybrid) so the lite grips help keep the swingweights in the normal range.  Just switched to these last weekend, first time using midsize grips, but so far I'm very happy with them.  I have big hands, XL gloves, and probably should have gone to midsize grips long ago.  

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same grips on driver - pitching wedge which are new decade multicompounds.

on my gap, sand and lob wedge i use lamkin midsize grips.  i like the larger feel on those because i so often choke down on them.

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