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New Decade Multicompound colours

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I'm pretty much ready to pull the trigger on a new set of irons and have decided to go for New Decade Multicompound grips on them but am feeling a little over-whelmed by colour choices.

I've always been big on colours, whether it's t-shirts, trainers, sweaters and even tattoo's so "kid in a candy store" doesn't quite cover it for me with this decision as I pretty much like all of the colours available.


Do you use NDMC's and if so what colour/s did you opt for?

Same throughout the set?

Separate for woods/irons/wedges?

Did you go for a colour you personally like or because Luke/Rory/Bob uses them?

Did you go for <local team> colours?

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I have a NDMC on my driver, and it's awesome.  I went with the red to match my TM Driver.  I tried the Tour Wrap 2G on my irons this past season, and they are great in the dry, but suck when it's damp.  I am upgrading them to NDMCs as well this year, as I like the cord feel and I am trying to get away from wearing a glove for iron play ( I seldom do, anyway).  Those too will be red, to compliment the chip in the back of the irons.....


   That is unless, I break down and pick up a set of AP2s this spring...getting the itch already....or maybe some '07 x-forged...dammit.  AP2 will be getting white, and the cally would get orange if I decide to grab either set.  They also have a Whiteout model, where the cord portion is white, instead of the lower rubber half.

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I have the black/red on my irons and the black/blue on my driver and 3 wood. I like the red and black grips on my Nike Victory RED irons, but that wasn't planned just because of the name. I got the blue and black because the shafts on them (Diamana Kai'li and Aldila VS Proto) were blue and it matched.


You can do what YE Yang does and color code your clubs with different grip colors. He doesn't use NDMC grips but it's just an idea. I mostly went with a favorite color on my irons and wedges and went with what matched with the shafts on my driver and 3 wood.

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I use the NDMC grips whenever I build a new club or it's time to regrip. For woods, I typically get something that matches the shaft or in some cases, the head. For irons, I'll either use white or again, something that matches the head. For example when I regriped my Cleveland TA7 tour irons with the red insert on the back of the head, I used red grips. If I regrip my TM CB irons, I'll probably use white.

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I put the sky blue on all my clubs (except) putter, because I felt calm looking down at them and thought that if I got a coloured grip I would want it to be something that evokes a calm and confident swing.

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I like the white ones, simply because I can tell when I need to clean them. When the white turns brown/black/grey/whatever....I scrub them down. And white inspires confidence.

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I use the NDMC in blue, with a red one on the 6 iron, which go with my team, University of Kansas, red and blue!


And just to add to the nerd factor, my brother also uses the NDMC in red, with a blue one on the 6 iron!

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I use the blue and black one,s cause my grip is midsize and it,s the colors Iliked

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Put a white and black (do they all have black?) one on a PING driver. The only other ones I have were already there from the previous owner. Green on a Mizuno driver, white on a Callaway driver, and red on a Nickent hybrid. I'd do all the irons the same, and if they have a black on black I'd go that route.

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I use red and black on my irons ( Wilson Staff colours sort of )


Green and black on my Nickent clubs ( Nickent colours )

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They're releasing a white out color sometime this year.

Originally Posted by sean_miller View Post

Put a white and black (do they all have black?)


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I have the NDMCs on my irons and overall I like them... they are the black/white ones but I didn't choose the color (they came that way).  However, if I had chosen the NDMCs myself (I probably wouldn't have) I'd still go with the black/white.


If you have a chance to go with the new NDMCs I think that the white/red ones look excellent.




As a side note, I had said that if I had chosen the grips myself, I wouldn't have gone with the NDMCs at all... I would have wen't with PURE grips... they are the absolute best in my opinion and I had them on my previous clubs... I think that they'd be worth checking out and they come in a few different colors (although I believe it's an extra $1/grip for the colored ones).

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I have them on all go my clubs in black and white, just because I liked the look.
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Thanks for all the replies everyone.


In the UK more often that not we're light years behind you guys in the US. Pure grips as an example are difficult to come by unless you take a chance on eBay that they'll be legit; not something I'd be happy about doing. I hear good things about Iomic grips too but they're 50% more expensive than NDMC's in the UK from what I can see @ £12 per grip and NDMC's are already pricey.


Love the blue/white Whiteout grips but not sure when they'll be available so at the moment I'm thinking I may go for white/black for the irons and sky/black for wedges. Woods I'm undecided on.

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I like the Royal Blue. It matches the Project X sticker on my irons really well.....

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