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Drills or Fundamentals for getting use to new irons

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Hell all I am a 12 handicap and I had a set of king cobra 2 irons for over 10 years.  I just got fitted and bought a new set of TM 2.0 burner irons. I have hit them twice off grass and once off mats in the past week.  I have been getting a little frustrated with my distances with the new clubs.  I am a long ball hitter with my old clubs I was hitting a 5 iron 190 and 8 iron 150.  With the new clubs so far I am only getting 175 - 180 out of the 5 iron and maybe 130-150 with the 8 iron.  Is it possible that I could hit a little shorter with the new clubs?  Are there some drills or things I can try to do to get more familiar with the new irons?  Thank you

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How different are the shafts?  Both sets are stiff?  Surprised the old ones go further




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name is paul, i am a 11 hdcp, i recommend practice swing with swing weights. swing with the club heavier will help you adjust to the weight change. it sounds strange but i use 3 different sets in 3 months, just to change up and challenge myself, i have also changed my swing 3 times in 6 months. challenge your.

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I never really had that problem... Maybe your new clubs are long, so your hitting it on the heel more. I had issues with that for a bit when i change, but i never saw a drop off. Go find your old clubs length and loft, and then check out your new clubs. a 3 iron from one club isn't a 3 iron from another. I have seen 3 irons that were 18 degrees with one set and near 22 with another. 4 degrees is alot of difference.. 

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Have you tried impact tape to see where you're actually impacting the ball on the club face. How do the shafts compare ? Not just flex, but weight. Do the 2.0's have a heavier shaft? Did you happen to get the uniflex shaft ? I tried a set of Clevelands with the uniflex shaft and they didn't work at all. Loss of distance was one of the issues..

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I haven't taped them but I did actually notice from ball marks that I am hitting more off of the toe. I may have solved the problem though I was addressing the ball dead center to the club. I noticed if I address the ball more closer to the heal that I hit it pretty good with no complaints. I can't really tell if the shafts are heavier though. I was analyzed 2 times by two dif. PGA guys and they said the stiff shafts is for sure what I need.
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Here are 2 tables I found that have my club specs if anyone could look at them and let me know what they think I would greatly appreciate it.  The first link is my burners I have now the 2nd are my old clubs.  Thank you guys 








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the lofts are stronger on the new set you have.  the loss of distance must be somewhere else.

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So I'm still taking a huge divot and I have lost 10 to 20 yard per club!!! Golf galaxy says I test out on all the specs for stiff shafts. I am outraged can I not swing regular shafts with a 89 mph swing
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Some things to consider...


* Burners are D3.5 swingweight, KingCs are only D1 according to spec sheets. Any chance the Burners feel heavier, and you're not used to them yet?


* Have you been able to hit balls this winter? If you haven't been playing for 6-8 weeks, your swing muscles may be a little out of shape.


* According to Ralph Maltby's 2011 MPF update for irons, the Burner 2.0 has "C Dimension" of 1.425" ... C dimension is measured from the center of the hosel to the club's Horizontal Center of Gravity. Measure the clubface, and see where the HCoG is located. If it's toward the heel, your alignment adjustment may help things out. For help on this, find a clubsmith who understands basics of Maltby's MPF measurements.



General new irons tip: If you have square floor tiles somewhere in your house, use them to check the alignment of your irons. When I switched to irons with slightly offset than the old ones, the squares showed me that I was closing the face slightly on my set-up. Use the squares to help you see what the clubface looks like at square alignment. It may take a couple of days to retrain your eye for what "square up" looks like with your new Burners. 

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I started hitting balls in the past 3 weeks and I live in Ohio so I haven't golfed since last September. I did read Ben hogans fundamental book and did change my swing a little but I'm pretty sure it is definelty for the better.
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