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Go-to Greenside Bunker Club?

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What is your go-to club for greenside bunkers?

I recently picked up a used Vokey oil can spin milled 60* lob wedge with 10* bounce at play it again sports for ~$50 and it is in amazing shape (still has nearly all of the mills visible).  I find the higher bounce on this club makes it extremely risky to hit from the hard fairway, and 1/10 of my shots is a skulled hit that rockets 90 yards.  However, when practicing in the greenside bunkers with this club, I hit 20 or 30 shots out of our soft sand bunker within 5 yards of the pin (and left no shots in the bunker).  I also found I was able to open the club face without a problem for sand shots and rough shots.  I am thinking of having this be my go-to bunker club, or maybe for rough that is just off the green.  It is worth keeping it in the bag for just that purpose.  I have a 56* Cleveland 588 (I think it is 10 bounce, it doesn't say on the club) that I have very good distance/accuracy control with from the fairway and can choke up if necessary, but I cannot escape sand with this club.


Anybody have a club that very rarely fails from a greenside bunker?  Do you think it is a good idea to confine the 60.10 to sand/greenside rough and use the 56.10 from the tighter lies, or is there another application that I am missing?


(I do not even carry fairway woods so I still have an opening in my bag even with all these wedges) 

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58* SW with 11* of bounce.  If it's a long bunker shot I'll use my 54* GW. 

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60 degree Cleveland lob wedge. That's pretty much my go to club for most shots within 60yrds though
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I had good luck with the Cleveland CG14 56.14, and the Callaway X Forged (circa 2008) 56.15 C-grind, and recently have returned to them.


For about 18 months I played CG14 in 54.12 and 58.10, but the 54 never quite got it from bunkers - lots of heavy shots that came up short. 58 good for quick pop-up bunker shots, but on greenside lob shots I got uneven results (either 12 inches or 12 feet away). I played greenside cut shots with a SW for 20 years before anyone dreamed up LWs, so I dumped the 54 and 58 and went back to the 56.


I'm now back to the CG14 56.14 - seem to get a better margin of error from bunkers... if I am a little thin on the sand, the ball checks up and stops after a couple of feet. If I take more sand and get less distance, the ball hits and runs a little. The XForged would be great from courses with fluffy turf, but CG14 safer overall.

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Top Flight 60* 8 bounce. My dad bought this club at a pawn shop maybe 15 years ago. He could never hit it and I finally took it about 8 years ago. It was my 30 yard in club for years. Now it's strictly a bunker club or need to go over a small tree kinda club. Most rounds it sits in the bag untouched but it's money when I really get in trouble.

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Playing with a 3 wedge set up. Cleveland's cg16 52, 56, and 60.

Go to club is always 60 lob wedge. But from a nice lie, with a low lipped bunker, you can just about do anything with what ever club.

Lob wedge is definatley most effective for green side bunkers.
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