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Golf gods heard me

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The golf gods were in full effect for my round yesterday. It started on the 8th tee where I said to my buddy, " I used this ball all last round too" so I then step up to the tee and snap hook it OB. Start of hole 10 I say to my buddy, "Hey if I play the back 1 under Ill shoot a 79" So I start out par then birdie, then par, then I lip my birdie opp for par, miss another birdie opp by an inch for par. Then im waiting on the 15th tee after already being 5 hours into the round and I say to my buddy again, "If I dont get to finish this pace for best score of my life because of this 6 hour round I am gonna be pissed" Well dont you know I TRIPLE bogied that hole, doubled the next and the one after that and the one after that. Finish with an 86 which I should be pretty happy because it was always a really tough course for me but its not my 70's. Golf gods crushed me. Or I started to get into my own head. Either way it sucks. After playing well for 14 holes though I feel better about being able to score better and soon Im breaking 80 on an average course. This one was kind of a bohemith.

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tough break Jim...  When i think about those things, what my score would be if this that and the other..., usually nothing good happens! 

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I try not to think about my score during a round, and I absolutely do not say anything aloud that might speak to my competence.

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