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Golf gods heard me

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The golf gods were in full effect for my round yesterday. It started on the 8th tee where I said to my buddy, " I used this ball all last round too" so I then step up to the tee and snap hook it OB. Start of hole 10 I say to my buddy, "Hey if I play the back 1 under Ill shoot a 79" So I start out par then birdie, then par, then I lip my birdie opp for par, miss another birdie opp by an inch for par. Then im waiting on the 15th tee after already being 5 hours into the round and I say to my buddy again, "If I dont get to finish this pace for best score of my life because of this 6 hour round I am gonna be pissed" Well dont you know I TRIPLE bogied that hole, doubled the next and the one after that and the one after that. Finish with an 86 which I should be pretty happy because it was always a really tough course for me but its not my 70's. Golf gods crushed me. Or I started to get into my own head. Either way it sucks. After playing well for 14 holes though I feel better about being able to score better and soon Im breaking 80 on an average course. This one was kind of a bohemith.


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tough break Jim...  When i think about those things, what my score would be if this that and the other..., usually nothing good happens!


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I try not to think about my score during a round, and I absolutely do not say anything aloud that might speak to my competence.


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    • Good concept / idea and execution. That said the price point is a bit steep for the typical amateur (largest potential market segment). It's possible there's a special mount that is more robust than a regular tripod head screw? I'd agree that could lower the item cost (and his own shipping / handling cost & time) and those who want the tripod included would be just be a nice extra profit center for those who don't already have one and want to bother with finding their own or use his 'approved' high-quality model. Good idea. I agree. Those nice adjustable slider bars would be a bit harder to do as a self-made kludge version, and ~ $60-$80 would be less intimidating a sticker price for a golf aid.
    • It's been good, because It helps me find playing partners of a similar skill level. I notice somewhere around 15 handicap, people start having confidence and want to play with better competition. I can tell they don't want to play with me, and that is truly 100% okay - I understand. Somewhere around 20 handicap and above, everyone says "I'm not very good", to which I reply "I just started playing last year", and voila, we have a nice time together.  Next year my goal is to do some Net Score competitions, and HC is req'd for those.  
    • Not sure on percentage but I think you'd see an increase in turnout overall and certainly in states like CA, NY and TX where a decent size of the population hasn't factored into a presidential race in a while. Right that makes sense to me.  If people are motivated or feel they have a chance to matter they'll make the effort to vote.  While I agree that stuff will typically matter more in our daily lives than who's president, the presidential race is the main attraction and the one that really gets people to the polls. There are a lot of CA voters out there that know way more about the presidential race that what Prop 59 is. Maybe not Prop 64 though 
    • Bingo my thoughts  too.... realized long ago I'm never going to be a Pro Golfer and on the tour so why go out every round trying so hard to lower it..and placing to much added pressure on myself I also realize that for more then even want to admit it, it's bragging rights. The water cooler discussion for the day amongst buddies and all.. "hey man I'm a __ handicap now what about you?"    I don't take golf to serious or myself for that matter to really care,  it's not the be all end all of who I am... it's a hobbie and a pleasure of mine that I enjoy... I do applaud all who make it their goal though... shows your dedicated to a goal and that's awesome.... just not for me.... if I can continue to shoot 85-90 every time I tee it up then I'm good with that and I have fun.... When I'm dead and gone I really don't what my tombstone to say..."here lays a ___ handicapper, wow was he good" lol
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