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Golf instruction in Orlando

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My other post did not receive any feedback, so I will try from a different perspective.


Does anyone have any recommendation for golf instruction in the Orlando area.  I will be staying near the Disney resorts, so anything on that side of town (SW I think) would be preferred.


Thanks in advance.

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What are you looking for?  There are numerous courses in that area, some with world-class facilities and big-name golf schools and instructors.  Depends what you want.


You could book David Leadbetter at ChampionsGate or Annika Sorenstam at Reunion.  Or you could get lessons from a lower-priced (but not necessarily lower-quality) instructor at those courses or at a dozen other courses near to Disney, including the Disney courses themselves. Or you could attend a one, two or three day clinic at a number of places.


In short, there are hundreds of options, depending on your needs, and your pocketbook.

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Specifically help with my swig, I'm new, and I need it!


The Waldorf Astoria (where I will be staying) has courses available.  Since I will be staying there, I thought I might take one if the cost isn't too high, and they can actually help.


A one or two day course would be best, anything loger might cause logistic problems.


Do you have an opinion of the Waldorfs courses, or another you feel might be a good fit?


Thanks for replying!

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Personally, I'd go 30 minutes up the road to Isleworth and get a lesson from Grant Waite.  z5_smartass.gif


Serioulsy, though go see James Hirshfield who transferred from Erie, PA and is now in Orlando, FL.



Having him film your swing, and give you hands on instruction will be insightful and affordable.  


Then sign up for Evolvr and you can continue to have follow-up sessions with James on a monthly basis.



Here is an example of what you will receive via Evolvr

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FYI James isn't there yet. Soon, we think.

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The Waldorf has good golf instruction packages, based on their website.  And Brian Mogg has a very good reputation.  I know a couple of guys who were trying to make it on the minitours and took regular lessons from him.  They both liked him a lot.


The 1/2 day clinic at $325 with Brian seems like a good deal to me. Anything longer than that, and you might get a little overwhelmed with information if you are just starting out.

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I thank everybody for their input!


Harmonious, I was especially glad to get yours, as I will be staying at the Waldorf!  I would prefer to get training onsite if it, and he, has a good rep. I think I will look into it.


Thanks again, all!

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I had a good experience at Grand Cypress golf academy.

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