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Greetings From SW Florida!

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My name is Dave, and I am a golf junkie ("Hi, Dave!").


Anyway, I got very close to breaking 80 a couple of times, but never quite made it. Then I decided to start procreating at the dumb old age of 46 so now I have slid back to about a 15 HC or so. Now I am struggling to get back to being in the game to break 80, shooting a bunch of 85's and 90's and whatnot. Living here in Sarasota doesn't hurt, of course.


Nor will my awesome new irons, the Bridgestone J40 double pocket irons, which I think are possibly the single greatest purchase of my life.


Just saying.


Anyway, I'll be looking for all the help I can get to crawl back to that goal of breaking 80.


Thanks for letting me share.


("Keep coming back, Dave!")

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Lots of great threads in swing thoughts to help with your game...

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