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Please post pics of your home made back yard driving range or net

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Good evening everyone.


I have a golf buddy who bought a hitting net so that he could practice hitting golf balls in his back yard. He has hit a few balls through the net already and has neighbors behind him. He has been lucky to not break any windows or hurt anyone, yet. I suggested he create a PVC frame and hang a quilt from it and position it behind his net. He would have to anchor it with hook stakes or sandbags of course. He is resisting my idea. Do any of you have any home made backyard hitting net solutions that you wouldn't mind posting or sharing? I hope he sees something in here he likes before something bad happens.


Thank You in advance.

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I am in the process of setting something up in my garage.  I have some turf that I'm going to use as a mat from work.  Just need to grab a net, and fire up the space heater!  In the meantime I've been at the range but would like to hit balls more often.

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How high is your garage? Have you taken a full swing with a driver in there yet? I wonder if the garage door opener or garage door hardware, etc is in the way of your driver swing. If those things aren't in the way, then how high does the ceiling need to be in the garage?

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I have taken a full swing with a seven iron.  Haven't tried the driver yet.  The opener is not in the way, I go on the other side of it, but there are rows of two by fours.  I just have to stand in the right spot so when I take my back swing and follow through I miss the wood.  Should work out fine. 

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I just bought this net today.

Not bad for $45 for #18 high impact 200lb test netting. 

He has to make sure it's the right netting to receive the impact of a golf ball, just a standard (baseball?) net will not do.


I will be constructing this frame out of 1 5/8" (or 2")  PVC pipe. Shouldn't cost more that $30. 


Like he mentions in the video, 1 8' piece, 2 7' pieces, and 4 3' pieces as well as 2 elbow connectors and 2 T connectors.


Total price should be @$75.

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Rooster, I can't see how my friend can argue against this set up. It has more surface area and is cheaper (thank you for sharing your net purchase) than what he wanted to do. What is most surprising to me is that the guy is using driver in the vid INDOORS (11-14 seconds in vid) and he hits no ceiling AND the net frame shudders a little but doesn't recoil as much as I thought. That is much better than I envisioned. I hope your install goes just as well as his went.

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Here's my 'backyard" range.  You can kind of see where the pasture has been cut once a year or so ago (yes, I know it's crooked! Hahaha).  Where the red circle is at top, I now have an elevated tee box built that will get sod laid down come spring, and there is a bunker dug out on the right side of the tee box.  It's about 190 yards to the road, and about 205 to the other side.  Until the sod is laid, I just drag one of my old mats out there to hit off of.  After I'm done, the kids get on their 4-wheelers with a shag bag and go gather up the balls.  They have as much fun shagging balls for me as I do hitting them!


Since I have water in the area, I'm thinking of building another tee box in the upper left corner so I could hit down towards the bottom right corner. That's about 300 yards.  Only problem is, if I hook one, there is a LOT of glass in the front of the house!  b1_ohmy.gif




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Super-duper jealousd3_drool.gif, that is awesome! I'd be pounding balls everyday!

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Glock that IS pretty awesome. Us city/suburb locked folks are salivating...a1_smile.gif

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I will post pic later but we just moved into a new neighborhood (only 18 homes up, 163 to come) so I have a nice option of My turf and net OR I can wail from my front yard and am good for over 400 yards.  Most of the time I can find those that I send out into the world.

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