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Interesting observation about my AP2s

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Completely boring golf club setup analysis follows:


I acquired a set of used 710 AP2s last summer from a buddy of mine who hangs around with a lot of low-level pros and is somewhat of a club ho.  They were fitted with KBS Tour Stiff shafts, standard loft and lie setup.  I hit them very consistently, nothing spectacular about the yardage, but loved the feel.  The ball flight is a little high, but manageable.


Late last fall my 8-iron lost a battle with a tree in an ill-fated attempt to hit a flipped-over backhanded shot that was resting against the tree's trunk.  I went to Dunns to get the shaft replaced, but they didn't stock it, so I was going to have to order the shaft, have it shipped, and pay for install.  Total cost was going to be around $50.  They had a good condition 710 AP2 8-iron in the used bucket with a TTDG S300 shaft in it for $25, so I bought that instead.


I immediately noticed that my 8i was now flying about the same distance as my 7i.  Odd, but I worked around it.


Went to Dunns this weekend with a bud who was looking to try new clubs, and I hit the 712 AP2s (along with the CBs and a few other sticks).  Tried the 712 AP2 with KBS Tour Stiff and with TTDG in a few heads.  The TTDG was getting a slightly lower launch angle, slightly higher ball speed, and more distance every time.


I thought this was pretty interesting, how two stiff steel shafts with only subtle differences could produce such a consistent difference in distance.  Particularly surprised that it was the TTDG that went further, given that it is a heavier, lower-launch shaft.  I'm naturally a high ball hitter.  The AP2 isn't exactly a high launch iron, but it does have some weight in the sole, more than what you'd find in a blade or more traditional forged CB.  I'm guessing that the slightly higher launch properties of the head, with the slightly lower launch properties of the shaft, produce a more ideal launch angle and smash factor.  


Now I'm thinking about replacing my irons.  Stupid launch monitors....

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Originally Posted by k-troop View Post

Completely boring golf club setup analysis follows:

Don't sell yourself short!  That wasn't boring at all. :)


Your story jives with my limited understanding, as I have KBS specifically for the higher trajectory, since I tend to hit it a little low.

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That makes since to me. From my understanding, the KBS launches just a bit higher than the Dynamic Gold. I also read some where that while the KBS feel soft for their flex they actually play stiffer than their Dynamic Gold counterparts; the KBS rate a 6.0 while the S300 are a 5.8 (according to what I saw) so the slightly more flexible shaft could lead to a bit more distance as well.


If you already hit the ball high than the KBS may be too much and the lower launch of the DG's might be perfect for your swing.

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I had a similar experience while killing time hitting different clubs at PGA SS with a bored salesman that didn't mind me asking to hit just about everything on the fitting carts. Any time we put a KBS Tour in the mix my numbers went down. I really didn't like the feel from the first hit but on some carts they didn't have more than a few shaft selections. No matter what I tried the S300 felt and performed best for me.

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I hit kbs tour stiff flex in a set of Wilson staff fg tour v2 once and I hit them a lot higher than s300 and PX 5.5.
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I guess my surprise is that there wasn't a lot of difference in launch angle--maybe 1*. But the ball speed was up with the TTDG and the distance was more.
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