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Adams A7 irons

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I am currently playing Callaway x22 tours with project x 5.5 flighted shafts.  2.5 degrees upright with 1/2 inch longer.   I have been looking to change my irons. My father gave me his A7 irons he only hit them maybe 2x. I don't really like the shafts that come with the clubs and would need to add length any way as well as add mid size grips. Would it be worth it to have dynalite xp stiff shafts added at the correct length, have loft re done and add grips? 38 for my 6 iron, 37.5 7in the 7 iron 37 for the 8 36.5 9 and 36 in the pw. Or should I trade the clubs in and look at a new set. Thanks.

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My Adams A7 irons came with a "unique" 5 Iron, 4 hybrid, and 3 hybrid. If you can hit those three clubs with relative ease, then you should keep the A7 hybrid irons set. If you can't hit the clubs I just described, then go get fitted by a professional starting with your Callaways. The A7 6 iron - PW are easy hitting clubs with more offset than your Callaways so the 5 Iron thru 3 hybrid is the deciding factor in my opinion (IMO).

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Hey thanks for the reply. Sadly I don't have the hybrids that came with the set just the 5iron -pw. Would it benefit me to switch to the A7 irons? I normally hit my 7 iron with my X22 tours between 150-157 depending on playing conditions. I can't remember my swing speed but was told that the project x flighted 5.5 were the right flex for me, The issue with the A7 irons is that I really do not like the shafts that came with them and if in fact the A7 irons are decent and more forgiving then the x22 tours I would just have dynalite xp stiff shafts put in at my current length and have the clubs lie bent. I have been looking to upgrade my irons but only if there is a real benefit to me. I really like how the xp shafts feel when I hit Mizuno jpx irons. Not sure that even translates but none the less would like some feedback as to whether or not this is a good idea. My driver swing speed is borderline reg flex I want to say 89 mph. any feedback about changing out stock shafts would be helpful as I would want to use these irons for at least 3 or 4 season starting this year.

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Well I just ordered the dynalite XP stiff for my 5 iron, 7 iron and pw. I figured I can try them out in the 3 varying clubs to get an idea if I like them or not. Hopefully the flex is comparable to the Project X Flighted. I didn't like the feel of the non flighted Project X's in 5.5 flex. Did I hear correctly that the XP's are a hair lighter than the Project X Flighted shafts? thanks

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Seems you were fitted for the X22's?? If that is the case, then I agree with your logic on modifying/changing the lie angle, shaft, and grip (just do ONE club, preferably your best mid-range iron) to match the length and lie angle of your X22's. I would do this ONLY IF you are hitting your X22's flush most of the time. Make sure you keep the old A7 club shaft with the grip still attached so that it can be re-installed on the club you chose if you don't like the feel and performance. It's been my experience that the A7's are easier to hit than the blades and other standard clubs I've tried.

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Thank you for the response. Yes I was fitted for the x-22's. The lie was changed at the beginning of last season. Now when this happened the 9 iron snapped and used one was swapped out. I am not positive that my lie angle is 2 degrees upright I want to say it is now closer to 3. When I have the new shafts put in I was going to have the shaft and grips put in and than the next day go back to do the lie. When I was fitted I did the lie board with the regular length shafts. When I did the lie at the beginning of last season I did it with the plus 1/2 inch plugs. Does a shaft extender change anything? Anyway I am excited to test out custom club with no extender and to get my lie done on a friendlier iron.
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