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Need Golf Ball Advice.

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Before I start, I currently use a Nike Tour D golf ball and they are no longer sold hence the ball fitting. I use regular flex on all my clubs and my hcp is 17.9


I recently did one of those golf galaxy ball fittings and just want advice based on my results.  I know some people may think I wasted my money on a ball fitting it it was only $19.99 and it was in the middle of winter so why not....


I hit 5 different golf balls and below were the average (hit each ball 3 times) results:


1. Bridgestone B-330RX: 90mph Clubhead Speed, 135mph Ball Speed, 2079 Spin Rate, 215 yds Carry Distance, 238 Total Distance.


2. Titleist Prov1: 89mph Clubhead Speed, 133mph Ball Speed, 2243 Spin Rate, 208 yds Carry Distance, 230 Total Distance.


3. Top Flite D2: 89mph Clubhead Speed, 133mph Ball Speed, 2213 Spin Rate, 209 yds Carry Distance, 231 Total Distance.


4. Titleist Prov1x: 91mph Clubhead Speed, 137mph Ball Speed, 2341 Spin Rate, 216 yds Carry Distance, 238 Total Distance.


5. Taylormade Lethal: 90mph Clubhead Speed, 135mph Ball Speed, 2126 Spin Rate, 215 yds Carry Distance, 238 Total Distance.


Fitter stated that my spin rate should be a little higher, maybe in the 2700rpm range in order to achieve optimal ball flight.


I also putted with the prov1 and the D2 and the D2 felt horrible.  I asked the fitter to rank the best for me just for an opinion and he said prov1 was the best for me and then the lethal, prov1x, b-330rx and the D2.


Do you guys agree with the fitter?  I would also like advise if anyone has a golf ball in mind that I did not test. I understand this might not be a big deal in the grand scheme of things but your assistance would be appreciated. 

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Not an expert at all, here but your numbers all seem extremely close as far as distance is concerned at least.

Also, I disagree with the fitter! (once again, im a nobody!)

Based on the numbers, I would go with the V1x as your best ball, then the RX330.

If I had to pick myself, and I had those close together numbers, I'd pick what I liked to putt the best.
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Or the lethal. That one looks good for you as we'll. the two worst seem to be V1 and D2.
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I am interested in getting a ball fitting. For $19.99 to gain any kind of advantage in golf would be worth it. What club or clubs did you hit? Your own clubs or demo?
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i hit my driver.... cobra zl encore.

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What are trying to gain out of your ball? At a 17 hcp your game isn't real consistent. A golf ball that spins more is great if you need it and you are hitting it straight but the more spin on your mishits is going to turn that 15 yd slice into a 25 yd slice.
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I want something that's similar to my Nike Tour D.  Great distance and somewhat decent feel around the greens...


Your point about the 15 yd slice turning into 25 yds is why I am hesitant to choose one of the higher spinning balls (prov1, prov1x).  Thanks everyone for your input. I appreciate it.. 

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Either the bridgestone or the TM Lethal I would say.  Your spin rates are so low you probably hit the ball pretty straight I would assume.  Just go with your short game preference.  I have been using the penta mainly because of that reason and you can get them for so cheap.  But if you want new, go with one of the two best on your test.  I agree with sofingaw. 

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I believe the Nike One D was about the same and the Prov1x (lower spin) why not the new Nike balls? Me personally I play whatever I can find a deal on. Last fall I bought 4 boxes of Bridgestone b330rx for like $75, before that I bought 3 boxes of Callaway hex black tour when they went on sale for $28 a box. Personally I don't see where you and I will be able to tell the difference between a couple hundred revolutions so I'd go with what's easiest on the wallet.
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You may want to look into the Nike PD Soft (cheaper) and Penta TP3 (a litlle more pricey). I have a hard time justifying $50+ a dozen for Prov1s especially since from the numbers you posted it did not provide any discernible difference in performance. As stated above, if you do happen to mishit a high spinning ball (Prov1) it will turn a bad shot into a really bad shot. There are so many great balls out there nowadays your best bet is to just play a round with a few and see what you like and don't like. 
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Same easiest on the old wallet ! very important ! IM not saying these balls are out of your league but i would be going with something with less spin I.E nxt tour-s, Nike vapor speed , B330-rx, or for strighter flight qstar,the bridgestone e series etc but hey this is my likes as a less tahn 15 out on the course i want all the help i can get. It seems like alot of fitters will thow expensive highend balls at you then you get to the course and it would be easier to tee up a pine cone and hit it . "which i have done on a very frustrating day. I beleive all the balls i mentioned are under 30, correct me if im wront. But i believe a more user friendly ball will help you get low . But me and you are differnt people and have differnt likees hope this helps

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I'm a golfer on a budget, and have found buying used golf balls a viable option for me. It allows me to buy several different brands at a substantially reduced cost so that I can compare them on the course without feeling like a spent a fortune. If your so inclined, perhaps you could order a doz each  (used) of the top 2 or 3 balls that were recommended during your fitting and see how they work for you.

One company I highly recommend is golfballsunlimited. They have fast/cheap shipping, have a great selection and I have never been disappointed in the quality of the golf balls I have received from them.


just a thought

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I would look into the Taylor Made TP3 (or even older is the TP Black),  the Bridgestone e series, or the Srixon Q Star.  They're both significantly cheaper than the balls that you mentioned above, and at a 17 handicap the difference wont take strokes off of your game.  The TP3 feel great off the putter face, and they spin pretty well off of the low irons.  My theory is to get twice as many balls for the same price.


There are good deals on the balls on many websites (rock bottom, TGW, etc.)

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