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Forearm Rotation to square the club face!?

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Hey Guys,


I am new to sandtrap and I am pumped! For the last two weeks I have only been hitting really low duck hooks, I took a video of my golf swing and saw that my club face was dead shut at the top, my left wrist only had a little bow in it and I was very confused. Moreover, I remembered working with an instructor about 6 months ago and he told me to rotate my left wrist and forearm to square the face. I am wondering what you guys think about rotating left wrist/forearm to square face?


PS. I am sorry for just trying to get help with out posting in any of the forums!(I will be posting in all of the forum!)


Swing With more left wrist rotation but I can still do more:


Regular Swing:

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It worked for Hogan.

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Good point! But I have been reading that forearm rotation is not good to do in the swing ;moreover, I read that it should happen naturally.

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I've always thought that the shoulder turn is what gets the forearms in proper position. Any conscious rotation is difficult to control. 

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Yeah I kind of agree with that, I have a hard time really rotating the forearms, it is hard to tell when it is square!

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It looks like you actually are closed at the top, but the interesting thing is that it doesn't look (to me) like your wrist is that bowed. Is your left hand grip really strong? You could try weakening your left hand just a little bit.


Can anyone offer any thoughts as to how it looks that closed when the wrist is relatively flat?

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Interesting i havE a neutral golf grip two... I see about 2.5 knuckles at address
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The club gets to the correct position at the top becuase of the elbow folding. You want the feel of your elbow almost mimicking the movement if you were to pull start a lawnmower. It moves back behind you. This is what gets the face squared up.

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Wow i will try that and get a video tomorrow... When should the elbow fold because i been told that when my swing is fo my right arm folds past 90 degrees with an iron and i a guy on rotary swing said that it is bad?!
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The elbow folds immediately off the ball. As you do this two things will happen

1. The elbow movement behind you forces the shoulders to turn. ie a "full" shoulder turn

2. Your wrist's will want to set, let that happen, its power.




Watch zhang rehearse the elbow movement in the early parts of the video.

Good Luck

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I thought you wanted to keep width during the golfswing, and folding the elbow will cause you to be less powerful and more narrow on the backswing.
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you are folding your right arm only and hingeing the wrists. Width should be maintanied nautrally

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the swing can only be as wide as you left arm is long. So as long as you keep the left arm as straight as possible, you are maximizing the width of your swing.
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