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What's missing from your Golf Lesson?

Poll Results: Are you taking golf lessons?

  • 25% (4)
  • 12% (2)
    When I need one
  • 25% (4)
    I have in the past
  • 18% (3)
  • 18% (3)
16 Total Votes  
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Just curious about who is taking golf lessons out there and what you like or don't like about them.  Are you seeing improvements?  What is the most helpful aspect of taking a professional lesson?  

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I've spent the last few years as a "forum learner" and went back to a local instructor (albeit one with a very good reputation) at the start of the year. I'm really pleased with how that's worked out. So far, I'd say that there hasn't been much in the way of "new information" from my teacher - just really targetted, filtered guidance on the one or two things that I need to do next with my swing and then a watchful eye and feedback to make sure that I'm implementing properly.


I've hit the ball better after each of 3 lessons so far - but each lesson has basically revisited the same ideas, which clearly I've been working somewhat towards but still haven't quite committed to. So for me, I'd say a more hands-on approach is really paying off.


I like that in a lesson I can ask questions and get answers in real time, and if I'm unclear on what I'm being asked to do, I can demonstrate maybe 2 different interpretations of what I think the objective is and get immediate feedback and start to ingrain the feel of the correct motion.

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I voted for never.


I lie, i did take lesson's when i first got started, but it took a dozen lesson's with 3 different accredited instructors for me realize that being thought how to swing a club by someone who teaches the same crap to everyone they see, is extremely counter productive. Now i have a golf coach, not swing instructor, and my game is starting to take shape.


My wife and her friends signed up for a whole series of lessons this season....You best know that I'll be present when these lessons are in progress, and i hope the instructor address each of their problems individually, and not as a group.

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The only thing that is missing from my lessons is my consistency in being able to practice like I'd like to.  I know what the guys want me to do but, I am having trouble getting the time to practice outside.  If I were super hardcore, I'd be doing little "hips forward", half swings inside instead of posting in a thread about not having time to practice.  

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Whats missing from my lessons is Holly Saunders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, but anyway I started fall 2010 hitting at a range then tried some clinics (imho was not really all that helpful) then went to a local Pro in May 2011. It helped me a lot to have someone point out what I needed to work on as well as what I was doing right. This year I'll do 6 lessons to start off in April I hope, that an on the course lesson and video and just play as much as I can throughout the year, do not plan on taking lessons all season long, will just fill in as required.
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My problem has been time, Lessons are great but you have to practice what you learn.  According to the guy my swing was not bad, got some drills to do and how to pull things together when I have an issue but practice time has been a hard thing to schedule this past month or so. I have been playing each week at least 9 holes but i see a big difference when take a lesson and hit the range one to two times a week.

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Have been taking two or three lesson a month. since aug. A total swing redo. What I like is the video and feedback. My instructor is a young kid just 22 a very good golfer and is good at explaining what I am doing and what I need to do. He also can put me in the correct positions. I find he is lacking somewhat on providing drills and aids to help be grove the feeling of what I am doing. However I just talk to the other pros when I am practicing and they give me some drills and ideas with out stepping on the kids toes. I also look for stuff on line that agrees with what  my instructor is trying to teach. I think you have to be an active learner. Other really good thing is being able to practice daily in the  video bays.

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I have taken approx. 3 lessons a year for the last 4 years.  When I started, my average score was somewhere in the neighborhood of 105, and since I have dropped it down to ~90. 


I have been going to the same golf instructor for the last several years.  To be honest for $50 for a 30-45 minute lesson, my golf instruction is almost like therapy.  My golf instructor generally works on ONE thing per lesson.  We generally review what we worked on last time.  Then after that, we go over a new drill, explain what I am trying to accomplish with that drill, and then practice the drill.


To answer the question of what is missing.  I can't think of anything.

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Thanks for the reply, BirlyShirly.  Love the name too.  


I find that an extra set of eyes is incredibly important.  The golf swing is almost entirely 'feel', but some days it feels like the club is coming 'inside' on the take away, when in reality it is exactly the opposite.  Glad to hear that after 3 lessons you are seeing improvements.  There is a lot that can be learned by reading magazines and forums about golf, but each swing is different and you need to find out how you personally can create a consistent swing.  This is when you need a (good) golf coach.  Have you seen a video of your swing or had your swing analysed?  

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Thanks for the reply, Shooter.  


I have worked for Junior golf camps in the past and I was incredibly frustrated by the generic lessons that we were providing rather than treating each swing differently.  Ever since working there I have maintained that every swing is different and can remain different and be successful.  Jim Furyk is an obvious example of this.  If you find that your coach is teaching you the same thing he's teaching everyone else, it's time to change.  You can find generic tips in any golf magazine.  


You said your golf game is starting to take shape... could you put some numbers to that?  Are you seeing a big drop in your scores?  


Hope all goes well with your wife and her friends.  

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