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Anyone Been or Going to the Masters?

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Last year I had the chance to go down to the Masters for the first time ever, and am lucky enough to go back this year.


I'll be at the tournament on Thursday this year.


Anyone in here have any experience with how to plan a day there?  What are the best vantage points?

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I was able to attend last year's Masters on Thursday, as well.  You may know all of the information below already, but, if not, here's what I learned last year:


Be sure to get there when the gates open and walk briskly (no running at ANGC) to the first tee so you can see the ceremonial tee off with Palmer, Nicklaus and Player, which was, by far, the best part of the entire experience. 


ANGC also has a photographer stationed in front of the clubhouse each day who will take your picture next to the iconic U.S.-shaped flower bed with the clubhouse in the background.  They upload the photos to the Internet and provide you with a code to download your pic for free.  Since cameras aren't allowed during tournament rounds, it'll be the only photo opportunity you'll have.


The gift shop has folding Masters chairs for sale for $40 a piece.  If you buy one, each hole has a special roped-off section where you can set it up and watch the action.  We spent most of the day in the section by the Par-3 12th hole tee box because you can watch the golfers putt on 11, play all of 12 and tee off on 13 from that one spot.  We later moved into the section next to the green at 16.  The folding chairs have a slot you can slide a business card into in order to identify your chair if you decide to walk around.


I'd recommend hitting the gift shop early in the day and buying all your souvenirs.  As you exit the gift shop, there's an area where they will hold your bags until you leave and redeem them so you don't have to lug them around all day.


I stopped by the Eisenhower tree on #17 and picked up a pine cone as a souvenir.  It's in a plexiglass case in my Mancave and will be the cheapest and most unique souvenir you'll find at Augusta National.


Another cool thing is that you can sit on the down slope of the fairway of the Par 3 6th hole and watch the golfers hit shots over your head.


We're attending on Thursday of this year, as well, and I'm counting down the days.

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I was there on Friday last year, so didnt even think about the Ceremonial tee shot, definitely will show up early for that.


And DEFINITELY didn't know about the photo opp, that's awesome, as last year I forgot I had my phone in my pocket and had to run back to the car to drop it off.


Great to hear you snagged a pine cone. Last year i got a Divot Set with some ball markers, and unfortunately lost it during a round last week.


We walked the course early, but had set up our chairs at Amen Corner and spent most of the afternoon there.  Will probably do the same thing this year.


Thanks for the tips, REALLY helpful.

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I think it was 2001. I know Tiger won. I was there for the practice round and par 3 tournament on Wednesday and the first round on Thursday. First thing I did was walk the course. That has changed by persepective forever when I watch it on TV now. The elevation changes are an eye-opener.


I won the practice round ticket lottery last year and had the chance to buy four tickets for the practice round on Monday. I tried to give them away to family and friends, but nobody wanted to go on Monday, so I sold them on e-bay. $50 face value and I sold them for $250 apiece.

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I was lucky enough to go in 2007!  it seemed like just yesterday I was there watching Zach win the jacket for the Midwest.


As far as planning a day goes here are some of my helpful hints:


Bring foldable chairs.  Only at the Masters can I remember a place where you can mark your spot at 8AM and come back at noon to have your chair waiting anxiously for your arrival in the SAME spot you picked out so many hours ago.


Everyone wants to see Amen Corner, and it is awesome but I spent a lot of time by the 16th tee, and you get to see some action on 15 green if get the right spot.  Amen Corner is cool, but it is hard to get up close to the action on 12 because you have to sit behind the tee box. 


If you are going to the gift shop get there early!  As the day wears on the shop will become extremely crowed.


Get there early.  The security line to get in can take a while and know what you can and cannot bring on the course.  Absolutely NO PHONES.


Check out the range and short game area.  It is amazing, and I think they have redone it since I was there, too.


Hope this helped

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Damn. You guys are making me jealous. I will go someday. Thanks for the tips.

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Here's how to plan the day.... PM me for my address and send me your ticket. I will spend all day figuring out the best way for you to enjoy a day there, and send you my results every hour on the hour. 

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I'd think about it for a second if I thought you'd be able to smuggle a phone in there :)

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I think that was the biggest eye opener for me, is just how much elevation there is there.  That and the fact that it's so open.  Obviously the course is built to have massive crowds, but at one point I remember looking around and realizing I could see 8 different holes.

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I think it's important to walk the course from 1 to 18 like you were playing it. Experience every hole, look at the shots off the tee, and the approach shots that are required.  I can't count the number of times I've walked it and I feel like I know it like the back of my hand.  For a golfer fan, walking the grounds is like a art conniseur walking through the Louvre and admiring the art. You try to remember the great shots from over the years and think about the millions of viewers that will be watching around the world that week.


Also, I think spending some time on the practice tee and putting green - at least a few minutes, to watch the players getting ready is fun.


My favorite area was around the 15th green where you could watch 16 and the incoming shots from 15.


Get there as early as possible, and leave when they force you to leave because of darkness....I did that every chance I had.


Eat their inexpensive food and drink their cheap beer.  I've got cheap plastic cups from 1995-2006 Masters in my kitchen that I can't seem to ever toss out.

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My brother and I were there for a practice round in 2004.  We walked the course backwards, from #18 to #1.  This way we encountered almost every golfer who was practicing that day.  It is a poignant memory because he passed away a couple of years later, but we talked about it up to the day he died.  I still wear the Masters logo pullover I bought that morning for cool weather golf days. 

If there is golf in heaven, the course should be a copy of Augusta National. a1_smile.gif 

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My brother is down there oday with Clubhouse passes. That's the way to go.

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Cant argue with that.

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