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My Swing (mchichioco)

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I've been Playing Golf for: 2-3 years;​ 

My current handicap index or average score is: 14;

My typical ball flight is: Draw ;

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Push Slice, Hook;




My swing looks alot worse on camera :) This was at practice today, I am 15 and I'm on my teams JV golf team I'm about 6th or 7th on the team out of 16 as a freshman! Let me know what you think, all advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
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2-3 Years not 582 haha
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Great thread to read about improving your posture:




So try and set up a little bit more comfortably. Contrary to the popular belief, having a rounded back is good because it is how the back naturally is designed. 


It also seems like you start the backswing by rolling your hands, which can lead to a bad position at the top. Try starting the backswing with your shoulders and let the elbow bend when it feels natural, instead of rigth away. Might help a bit. 

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Thanks for the input! Ill make sure to work on posture and rolling my hands is something I've never noticed or been told before! But after it being pointed out I can see it clearly :) thanks
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Yea, your forearms early. If you look at 0:07 mark, were the clubhead is parallel to the ground. You can see a big space between your left arm and your chest. Start your swing more with rotating your shoulders and keeping that left arm against your chest. Basically the left arm will stay connected to your chest, and then rise up your chest to gain height. 


I would also recommend rotating more on an incline plane, your very armys.  Look at some of the 5-key videos posted under the "Swing Thoughts", there some good stuff there. The last one would help you with your turn. When they put a stick in the guys belt loops. See how that stick points more towards the ground than the horizon. You got good hand eye coordination and your young, but when you get older you'll need a more technically sound swing to compete. If you stop the swing were your at the top of the swing, your shoulers should be pointing more towards the yellow golf balls. Try to feel like your head isnt' moving up and down, you rise up in the backswing. 

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Thanks for all the help.. Ill continue to put videos up..
And honestly I used to rise up and down like that when I was learning because right now I'm 5'7 and 2 years ago I was like 5 foot.., and I'm playing the same length clubs as I was 2 years ago... I was really small and was playing huge clubs haha... I am not extremely strong ethier so what my coach told me is that's a "childhood"
Habit I needa break. Just a side story there
However sometimes I struggle with a flat left wrist and the rolling In the start might be the cause! Thanks again guys
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But the reason I think I'm rising is because I'm "over swinging " and trying to hit it stronger since I'm not that big of a guy for my height
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Hmm I played today and played pretty well shot a 39 :)
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Through 9
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I didn't have time for 18
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Went to the range today, was hitting them solid! Thanks for the help.. I couldn't get some footage though. Ill be playing a match tomorrow i will let you know how I do!
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Shot 43, pretty good considering gusts were at 40 mph :) ill post a swing when I can
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I'm hitting my woods fine, my but I'm hooking my irons.. Help?
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Ok so lately I hook my irons and push slice
Woods or driver...
Help me!! I want to get better :)
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I shot a 40(4 over) over the weekend so things are getting better. I am trying to keep my weight more balanced and I'm wo raking on more shoulder turn on my swing!
Any help would be appreciated!
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I'm hooking all my irons, slicing my woods.. Help?
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Yikes...slow...down.   z3_sleep1.gifa3_biggrin.gif  One minute you are making good scores, the next you are hooking irons but hitting woods OK, and then you are hooking irons and slicing woods.  What are you currently working on..posture or the back swing? Stick with it and do it correctly no matter the immediate results.  It sounds like you are trying to do everything all at once.  Just focus on one thing at a time.   Post a video of the difference between how you are slicing vs hooking.  Obviously you are doing something differently but nobody can figure it out if it is not posted as a video.  

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