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My Golf League Story Of The Day

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Can't begin to guess how many of us are in a golf league. This is about your story of the day in your league - it can be about your best shot, an unforgetable birdie or even your partner hitting a shot out of the woods while being chased out by a snake.  

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Our league will start this coming Monday.


Last season - par four, dogleg right, hit tee shot into the right rough loaded with pine trees.

2nd shot used a 3 iron to punch it onto the fairway (ended up where the tee shot should have been).

3rd shot hit a full 9 iron and knocked it in for a birdie.


It's such an easy game.z7_no.gif

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Got rained out first two weeks even the geese sought refuge under the trees - then shot 43 for first time out.
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Originally Posted by Mulligan Jeff View Post

Can't begin to guess how many of us are in a golf league.   




Well... it looks like only two.


I would've guessed quite a bit more.

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Hit some great drives in my golf league yesterday, swung through impact zone to full finish and concentrated on being less handsy. Never hit the ball so flush.
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Wednesday night I shot a 40 with only one birdie and I missed two three-footers. Still not sure how I did it.

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This is my third year playing and decided to put a team together and got on the wait list. Missed getting in by one spot. :(
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I've averaged well over 100 round per year for more than 20 years and I avoid leagues like the plague.   


..........are there any others like me???


I'd rather just play golf.  lol...........league play tends to be so slow and filled with what I call "non-golfers" that I don't want any part of it. 

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I'm in a league. My wife gets mad when I golf with them because it's always 5+ hours. They always run 5somes....so slow. But the group has some great guys and we have a blast.
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On weekday evenings I like to log holes.......I just want to play GOLF!! I show up and play.........I may log 12 holes one night and 16 another............who knows?

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I'm in a small league at work.  We play on Mondays at a below average public course with a quirky set up.  The front nine has 3 par 5s (soon to be 4) and 3 par 3s.  The back nine, 2 par 5s and 4 par 3s.  In addition, they don't seem to give a hoot about the Monday folks.  The first three weeks, we get to tee off to the side of the boxes.  If they do construction, it is while we play.


Last week, we had to wait on the second hole for a dump truck to drop a load on our tee box.  The only redeeming feature is the price.


I do have fun though, as most of the players are good guys.  We trash talk a lot, which keeps it light.

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I'm in a league this year. My partner is a friend who carries a vanity cap. The first few weeks, it's killed us. His 9 hole cap is 8. On our course, that means averaging 43 with your 10 low scores. We have played three matches so far this year and his low score has been 51. While I've been fairly steady and right around my cap, he's killing our chances.

Luckily, the league institutes a "league" cap starting on match 4. So, I'm guessing my partner will be double-dotting on many holes...
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