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Winn "DryTac" wrap grips starting to wear at the thumb (5 months)

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I really like my WINNLite DryTac wrap grips, just the right softness and stickiness. I've had them for about 5 months and use them about once a week, either on the course or on the range. I just noticed that they are starting to wear at the spot where my left thumb touches the grip (right hander). The wear is greater with the longer clubs.

Is this to be expected or does it indicate a problem with my swing (e.g. regripping)? I do know that regripping at the top has been an issue tho' I think I've improved. I didn't have this wear problem with my previous, harder grips which I had for about 8 years, although years ago I used to wear out gloves in the thumb area; this hasn't happened for a couple of years now which I assume is because of a more even grip during the swing.
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Winn grips have a history for wearing unusually fast. Many of the Winn grips do have a nice feel, especially for those with arthritis and others dealing with "vibration" issues. However, if you do a search either on Google or on an internet golf discussion board, you will find that many others have experienced this problem. I'm not knocking Winn, but this has been an apparent characteristic of their grips. 

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Just comes with the territory of playing a grip that is pretty soft.  I play those same grips and wear two gloves and they still wear pretty fast. Granted I hit a lot more golf balls than you do in a week but they still wear out within 6-8 months. I just don't like hard grips even if they are more durable so that's the price I am willing to pay.

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Yep they wear fast and I don't care. As expensive as good grips are it seems like a small price to pay to ensure the place your hands contact the club is comfortable. The only pain about it is frequent regripping. I do it myself and definitely not something I enjoy.


I buy grips with my reward certs from DSG and GG. Even if I don't need to use them for a while. It's about the only worthwhile thing you can get with all the exclusions.

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Softer grips wear out faster than firmer ones.


IF you're getting extra wear on the longer clubs - unless the majority of your range balls are with driver and FW - you might consider grip thickness. If the grip is a bit too thin, you might be "hanging on" tighter with your anchor hand.


A quick test: If you use standard, get a driver regrip with a midsize. See if it feels better than the standard, and lasts any longer.

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i tried Winn grips once...never again...

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I've played them before and never again, I golf 3-4 times a week and have a firm grip, I was lucky to go a month with any of the dri-tac line.
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I have the same grip and they help me to take a less firm handle on the club.  I haven't yet had the wear issue that you describe but I'll see how it goes over the coming months.  My previous Lamkin Crosslines were great for wear but not so good for me for comfort.

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Thanks for the helpful comments and suggestions. These grips are so much better playing than my previous, hard ones that I might just suck it up and get new DryTacs as needed.
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Love my Winn grips... No need to wear gloves... Just gotta keep my hands drive... It feels like my club versus a grip.

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