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Having trouble with complete beginners

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So I don't know if this is a common problem or not, as I'm only a novice myself, but I'm having some difficulty convincing two beginners to go to the driving range. The problem is that they want to go to a course. Since they were so insistent on it, I thought that maybe they had played before, so I asked, " Do you two good well?" They replied, "We don't know yet." In fact, we had made arrangements to go " golfing" yesterday, but they thought I had meant a course when I had constantly been talking about a driving range to practice. We're Korean, but I'm the only one who was born here and sometimes they have trouble understanding my Korean.. Anyway, once I told them that it would cost an average of $20-$30 to hit on a course, they said it was too expensive and didn't want to go anymore. One person said that she knew of a $5 course, only it was an hour's drive away. Then, instead of saying, "since that place is too far, we should just go to the driving range," they said, "We should go somewhere else to walk and then go to a course next week." I think that they're thinking a driving range is a waste of money... They have never swung a golf club before, I know because I was trying to coach one of through the basics of a swung for like 15-20 minutes.

What should I do? I would go to a driving range with them, but my father, who has experience playing, said not to go with them to a course because I would become very frustrated and embarrassed. Honestly, I wouldn't want to go to a course with two other people who were my level yet because I want to gain some more confidence in my swing first. I've played on several courses with my dad over a few years so I know it isn't easy.

So, how do you get two complete beginners who have their minds set on going to a course when they have never swung a club before, to go to a driving range to learn first? They are both older than me, so I have to make it sound respectful and not condescending.
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If you want them to go to the range that badly, tell them you will pay for the driving range balls.  If they have never played before, they probably have no idea how uncomfortable it's going to be when all the people behind you start getting angry waiting for them to hack their way around the course. 

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I would recommend finding a par 3 course in your area.  When I first picked up a club at the end of 2009, I never went to the range either.  Me and 2 buddies all started together, and we would go to the 9 hole par 3 course once a week.  After about a year of doing that, me and one of my friends started going to the range and taking it seriously.  The 3rd one still hasn't... and it's painful playing 18 with him now.  He literally shoots 130+.... me and the other guy are mid 80's to mid 90's.

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"Buddy I don't mean to piss in your cheerios but you couldn't hit a tennis ball with a hockey stick.  What do you say we all go to the range instead of playing 18 holes, and afterwards I'll let you buy me a beer."

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Unkynd had a good suggestion.  Hopefully there are other courses in your area that are par-3 only, or another term 'Executive Course' that consist of 5 short par 4s and 4 par 3s.  They don't take long to play and usually cost less than $10 to play.  Some folks just like to skip the lessons and practice and start playing ... however badly that may be.


Another suggestion is if you have a quality practice facility locally that has range, (grass tees preferably) and practice greens for both chipping and putting.  When my wife was learning we'd spend HOURS there and there was certainly enough variety in hitting full shots and short game to keep her interest.


Good luck with your friends.



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Something tells me it will be a very long day for whoever gets behind that group.

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