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Scotty Cameron Sea Mist California Fastback

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I have been looking at the SC Calif Fastback for some time and was hoping to find some reviews and feed back on the model.

But looking over the Internet there does not seem to be any. Do any of you guys own one or have you owned one can you give me some feed back on what you think about it?

It is had to get a good reading at the shop.

It seems to be the putter I keep going back to each time I stop at the shop. I know that a putter is an individual thing but would still like to hear what you all think good and bad.


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Just checking in to see if anyone could help with a review or any insite they could share on this putter?


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I haven't see any around so I couldn't give insight on it but all Cameron's are amazing. So if you personally like it then you should put it in the bag
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I own one and love it my putting has improved since picking it up last year because it seems to fit my stroke well and my confidence has increased from my old blade style putter. Selecting a putter is very personal, so if you keep going back to it and can afford why not pick it up. 

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possibly the most important thing about a putter is where you aim it.  you have to understand that not everyone aims the same putter the same way.  its all in how your eye sees the alignment of the putter face.  you could get a $350 SC whatever and still aim it 6 inches out on a straight putt but your eyes and brain are telling you youre lined up straight.

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Thanks guys for some feed back.

Love the look and seems to fit how i putt so it is coming down to that one or the golo 5. Although i not sure I like the black putter head with the black line up line.

Both are great looking and both fit me well so one will be in the bag this week.

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Well OP, you are in luck.  I currently own a SC California Sea Mist Fastback.  It's the second one that I have owned.  I first bought one late last summer but by December decided that I could get something better so I sold it.  Fast forward to March of 2013 and I realized that I should have kept it so I bought another one.  I use in a rotation of putters that I currently use (SC Cali Fastback, SC Limited Release Golo N5, and SC Newport Prototype Circle T). 


What I like about the Fastback is the fact that there is no knuckle, and thus the shaft goes right into the putter head.  This means that it's more face balanced usually than a putter that has a plumbers neck or knuckle.  I've owned quite a few Scotty's and the thing about the sea mist line, especially the fastback is that it has kind of an "acquired taste" when talking about the feel of the putter.  The putter is a tad heavy and has a pingy sound that some do not like (this is compared to the select line of SC putters which while also having deep milled faces, does not have the pingy sound and has a bit of a softer feel).  Thus I'd say that the Cali Fastback is a good putter but does not have as soft of a feel as the putters from the Select Line. 


Unlike the Studio Select, the California line is deep milled.  So in comparison of the Studio Select, California Sea Mist, and the Select line of putters, I'd say that the Sea Mist has the "hardest" feel out of the the three while the Studio Select is probably the softest, but is not deep milled like the Select and Sea Mist Lines. 


Another thing I like about the Cali Fastback is that while it's more than a blade, it's not a huge mallet either.  It's size seems a very good fit for someone like me that wants a fairly face balanced putter but does not want to be putting with a brick either.  I will caution you to make sure that you are okay with the more solid feel of the putter and the pingy-ness of the Cali Fastback.  The putter is a tad heavier it seems and balls definitely roll out further with the Cali Fastback.  Thus if you looking for a putter that as long as you get the ball on the right line will have plenty of roll out to help with speed issues, then I think the Cali Fastback is a great fit.  If however you are very precise with your lines and do not have issues with speed then I would say that the Cali Fastback may not be the best choice then. 


Sorry for such a long post but you were seeking feedback and I learned the hard way (I had to buy the putter twice) so I figured that I would share.  Since I am also a collector of Cameron's and have owed more than 20 of them in less than a year, I have had the chance to figure out the pro's and cons of many of the putters.  Hope this helps.  Let us know what you decide and how it works out!

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Appreciate all you have written, I did pick up the putter and what I have found is I leave putts short a lot. I am sure just not used to it yet?

Also I agree it is harder then what I am used to. I like the softer feel putter but it is nice to look down at, lines up nice.

I was also looking at the GoLo when I was trying this one and really liked it.

I figured I would try it a bit more have 90 days to return it if I really get to a point I am not happy with it. I don't change my putters out any more and try hard to stay with one to keep that consistency.

But thanks for the above very helpful.

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For that much money I would want a putter that gives me better distance control.
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Agree, short putts are spot on, over 10' i hit them short every time, but that is why I shop at Rodger Dunn. 90 day return no issues so you get to play it and see how you like it in the real world.

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I experianced something similar with my Studio Select Fastback 1.5 when I first started using it a few weeks ago. Over 10" and I'd leave it short... I wasn't used to how soft it was compared to my Red X2... ended up hitting the putting green after a round and just altered how hard I hit it... my X2 if I hit it firm that ball would go way over.. the same "firmness" on the fastback and it would make it just past the hole if I missed.


No this is comparing the SS Fastback to yours which I know there are differences but I think anytime you switch putters you will have to adjust your putting somewhat.

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I just got my first circle t last week....it's a studio select newport squareback prototype.  It's much softer but I do not get the roll out that I did with my Cali Fastback or my Golo N5

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Nice you should post pictures of your collection.

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If one is spending that much money, need I say "Edel"?


But good luck with the putter.

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I have thought about Edel for some time, I had a few gift cards and thought I would just get a Scotty. At this point still not real happy with what I have and not really been able to find one that I totaly love. I may just sell the Scotty and go get fitted, not  big in changing putters, it is the only real part of my game that I seem to hold my own at this point. God know eveything sucks at this point.

Will have to see how it goes.

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