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Lido Golf Club- heads up...

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Just wanted to give a heads up about conditions at the Lido Golf Club, Lido Beach, NY. I was poking around for someplace to play on Saturday after doing some errands earlier in the day. I stopped in about 8am to get a time around 10:30 as a single... "No problem, we're WIDE OPEN after 10:30... if you get back earlier, we should be able to get you out, no problem". That seemed odd on a Saturday that was predicted to be a beautiful day. It is a Robert Trent Jones design run by the Town of Hempstead. I've played in the past and have really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I quickly found out why I wound up playing as a single on a Saturday morning at 9:30... A great classic design marred by conditions, they haven't fully recovered from Hurricane Sandy damage. They are certainly trying to get things back, but it was a mess. More than 50% of any fairway is missing it's grass, and the "grass" that is left is clumpy spots. The greens are... well... sad. Fuzzy, bumpy and sloooow. They WERE aerated about a month and 1/2 ago, so they were likely trying to keep them from getting too stressed considering what they've been through.

So if you are considering taking in this beauty- give it a chance to recover from the damage done by Sandy. Don't go out of your way to play it if you are looking for a RTJ notch on your belt. Or at least wait until it been a dry spell for a few weeks and they get the greens back to a reasonable condition.
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I was in Long Beach around Thanksgiving and from what I saw, I'm surprised this course is even open.

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Well, one consolation was that I wasn't charged the non-resident fee OR the regular fee, but a "special" weekend mid-day resident rate of $28.
But I think they might or should have at least mentioned the conditions weren't optimum as of yet... or probably won't be through the summer. Without another major flooding event, it should come back nicely for next year if the soil damage wasn't too bad and they have to start from scratch. Since another course I play was near the water (Bergen Point), I will be sure to inquire about their conditions before landing a time there as well. Although I haven't heard about there being too much damage after Sandy to begin with.
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Year old thread. Any updates on the Lido course? I currently play Bergen Point now. 1st started playing Lido a few years ago. Shame what happened to LB.
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Played it yesterday and it was in fine shape compared to what I heard it was in last year.  It was the first time I'd played it so I can't compare it to how it may have been at its best.  

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Thanks for the update. I saw the prices went up. Haven't played there in 2 years. Tough back 9
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Yeah, especially 16 and 17.

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