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Callaway X-Hot Pro Irons (anybody have some feedback?)

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I have been considering changing out my current irons (Cobra S3 Pro-Combo) for something a little more user friendly and forgiving. I've played my current set for 2+ seasons now, and while I love the feel and trajectory of the MB short irons, I think I would benefit from something that gives a little bit more help to my inconsistent swing.



After reviewing the irons in my desired category, I am basically down to three different sets:


  • Mizuno JPX 825 Pros
  • Taylormade Rocketblade Tours
  • Callaway X-Hot Pros



A little about my history - my previous set to the Cobras were Mizuno MP60s.  I have always loved the soft feel of a Mizuno forging, but in my "field research" (hitting in the bay at Roger Dunn as often as possible), the Mizunos are actually #3 on this list.  As of now, I'm leaning to the Callaways, which surprised even me.  However, they feel really solid, and have a very attractive look at address.



I traditionally play True Temper DGS300 shafts, but I am trying to go away from those, thinking that I might be able to better control my spin with the new lightweight TT Rifle shafts Callaway offers.  The Taylormades comes with KBS Tours, which is also a great shaft, just about 40 grams heavier than in the Callaway offering.


My typical ballflight is a high, slight pull/fade to straight ball.  I am a little wary of the stronger lofts in the Callaway irons, but to date all of the feedback I've received has been positive.



Have any of you guys had the chance to hit these clubs?  Any thoughts or info you can provide are appreciated.

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I think I can offer some decent feedback. I hit all three of these irons when I decided to buy a new set a few weeks ago. For me, of the three, the Callaway X-Hot Pros were my favorites, but I was super torn. Went to about 5 different golf stores to keep hitting clubs because I didn't want to bother the staff at any one individual store. For what its worth, at one store, when deciding between the group, I told the pro at one store that I felt like they were all the same, and then to that he promptly responded by putting the Rocketblade Tours away, saying they were more money (compared to the X-Hot Pros at the time) and not of the same quality shafts, design, etc. Of course, I wasn't going to purchase anything but the standard shafts, sounds like you might be getting more into that part.


Personally, I wouldn't worry about the lofts, you'll adjust. My old set was Callaway's and I got used to the lofts you just have to keep it in mind when evaluating between the sets and then when making the transition before you have the distances down.


With all of that said, I ultimately landed on a 4th option and purchased the Ping i20s. The price difference isn't huge, but a little less and ultimately I was hitting them just as well as the X-Hot Pros. I don't regret my decision one bit, so I would recommend giving them a shot too. If you already have and ruled them out then even better, because my goal isn't to complicate your decision even more.


If you can find a store that will really let you play with their simulator while you're hitting that helps a lot. I took some time to look at the spin rates, launch angles, etc. that I was getting with each of the clubs.

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Well, I put my Miuras away while I change my swing and purchased the XHot Pros in 6-PW because they seem indestructible. I did not purchase the Project X shafts, but went with KBS 90 shafts R flex for their consistency, light weight, and easy height.


I've had them for two weeks, and am growing accustomed to them. The feel is not direct as my Miuras. It's not a knock on the Callaways -  it's a different feel. But they are forgiving and long. As you said, they are attractive at address with the satin chrome finish with just enough offset so you don't notice it. I also think the PW is fine with the set. I am pleased with them. If you want forgiving and easy distance with height but don't mind the indirect feel, it's a fine set. I found www.discountdansgolf.com has great pricing if you are interested.

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I tried a couple of XHot Pro irons at a recent demo day. The ones with the new PX.95 Flighted 5.0 shaft felt the best. The raw PX.95 weighs about 100 grams, compared to the 115 grams for my older PX 5.0 shafts. Definitely lighter and a little livelier through the ball.


Drawing on Mr. D, I would also consider the KBS 90 shafts. I've hit them in other irons.


The older PX 5.0 are OK on days when I'm swinging well, but on other days I struggle a little.

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Thanks for the feedback fellas! 


I took the leap and ordered the X-Hot Pros (4-AW), with the PX95 shafts (6.0).  I am excited to get them, and will update you guys when I've played them some.

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Did you try the PXi shafts? - those are nice - liked them in a demo - but heavier than the PX95.

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I didn't get to hit the PXi shafts.  I inquired after them, but was told they would a per shaft upcharge.  Unfortunately, money is an object at this point.


Everything I've been told about the stock PX95 shafts is positive, and I certainly like the solid feel I get from them in the hitting bay. 

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Originally Posted by carrx View Post

I didn't get to hit the PXi shafts.  I inquired after them, but was told they would a per shaft upcharge.  Unfortunately, money is an object at this point.


Everything I've been told about the stock PX95 shafts is positive, and I certainly like the solid feel I get from them in the hitting bay. 

Good luck with them. I've heard good feedback on the PX95.

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I played with these for a while and am currently writing my review on them which should be up on the main site sometime fairly soon.


Overall, I really did like them. Compared to the Mizuno MP-64 and MP-H4 and the Nike VR_S Forged that I had been playing before these I find the X-Hot Pros to be a little clickier which is to be expected since they are not forged. For an iron aimed at golfers with a bit more skill I also found that they more offset that what you would normally find. Also, they were some of the longer irons that I've played which is due to stronger than usual lofts.


I have the stock Project X 95 shafts (6.0 flex) in mine and thought that it was a really good shaft.

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I had a fitting session and ended up with X-Hot Pro irons with Dynamic Gold X100 shafts. My old set is Mizuno MP-57 with PX 5.5

I tried the following clubs:

Mizuno JPX 825 Pro
Nike VRSD Covert
Rocketbladez Tour
Callaway X-Hot Pro

Of the four, Rocketbladez were the most consistent, but also short. The X-Hot irons had the best combination of feel, distance and accuracy. Loft will of course make a difference when comparing different models.

Haven't tried them on the course yet, but it was no doubt they were the best match in my fitting session. I'm getting more forgiveness than my MP-57s, but a bit less feedback. It was pretty much what I was looking for. A big difference between the shafts. I'm used to PX 5.5, but DG X100 felt a lot better to me. It comes down to personal preference, spin rate, launch angle etc.
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I have been doing a lot of testing lately, and have taken all 3 of the irons mentioned to the range as well as hitting in the store.


The Mizunos, I think, are very high quality.  Would be hard to go wrong, but they just felt a little "heavy" to me.  I could see, aroung hole 15 with a temp. of 95 they taking their toll.


TM.  I have tried to like them.  They feel "dead" in my hands.  Tried KBS tour 90, the 85 gram shaft, the graphite and just about every other they had.  Just not getting the direction, distance and feel.  My


X Hot Pros.  Project X 6.0.  These, to me, feel great.  Hard to do anything but hit them straight. :)


My last variabel will be I20's.  Going to get 3 different lies with Steel shafts to the range Monday. 


Gonna be hard to beat the X Hots.

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OK, so the clubs arrived...and promptly sat in my living room for 4 days before I had the opportunity to get them to a driving range.  They look great, but WOW are they light.  I had no concept for this in the store, or swinging them in my yard, but when I started putting a ball down to hit them...


I'm typically a better than average ball striker, with a more or less straight ball flight pattern. I couldn't keep these things within 15-20 yards of my intended target, and everything I hit had a "low cut" type of trajectory, and a hard right kick at impact.  I'm a fader by nature, but nothing like this...


Needless to say, I'm dismayed.  I like the clubs, but unfortunately can't simply trade them in (I play a particular setup, +1", 2 degrees up) which is very hard to find in the used club section of my local golf superstore.  Ordering new shafts will be at least $20 per (not including labor), which pretty much brings the H4 Mizunos into the picture in terms of price range.




I'm taking my dad on Sunday to the Roger Dunn store in Santa Ana (golfer's Disneyland, if you haven't yet been there).  I'm now strongly considering the Ping i20s, which I also liked but have till now resisted.  Updates to follow...

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Made it to Roger Dunn at the opening of the store today.  Paid for a real fitting, comparing the X-Hot Pro, Ping i20, Rocketbladez Tour and JPX-825 Pro on the launch monitors...was surprised to see the Mizunos out performed the others in terms of ball speed, ball flight and (not surprisingly) feel.


I was kind of set on the i20, but after seeing the spin rates they generated (7500 to 8000 RPM on a 7-iron), I elected to move forward with the Mizuno JPX-825 Pro with KBS Tour S shafts (I could only compare the Mizuno 6-iron, but the 5400 average spin rates were an eye opener). 


For what it's worth, the Callaway was a DISTANT 4th out of 4.  It just goes to prove the notion, you need to get fitted for clubs.  I had absolutely no idea until I was able to compare the clubs head to head which was the better club for me.  Now I just need them to hurry up and ship!

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