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Tall Golfers

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Hey guys, 


So I was at the range for a couple of hours earlier today and my swing just wasn't feeling right. Anyone got small tips for us tall golfers out there? Posture drills, alignment step up tips, etc.. even workout routines that I should be doing regularly. Thanks 

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Make sure your clubs are fitted to you. No sense trying to adjust your body to your clubs when you can go the other way.

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Oh true, that could be the problem.  I did grow a little since I purchased my set in 2007. Thanks for that reminder, I'm definitely going to look into that.

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I am about 6'6" and have been playing golf since I was a kid. For me, the keys to consistent play have been:


1. Steady head -- do not let your head sway away from the target on the backswing! With a high center of gravity, it is really tough to recover from that position.

2. Bend over at the hips -- I have a tendency to stand a bit too upright, which results in a flatter shoulder turn and an over-the-top downswing. Bending over a bit more gets me in a more compact, powerful position.

3. Shorter backswing -- long arms are long levers! Lately I've been trying to feel as though I'm stopping my arm-swing at about 10 o'clock. No loss of distance, better downswing path and sequencing, and cleaner contact.


Good luck!

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Also 6'6 here, not to mention not a  small guy at 280, a far stretch from my highschool playing condition.  So far I have figured out,  you dont always need longer clubs, its all in the length of your arms vs height with a little posture mixed in.  And as bjourn said, long arms are long levers, you dont need to force the ball with alot of size, it goes a long way on its own.

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Thanks for the info guys, I was at the range earlier and was hitting the ball so clean! I noticed the shortened backswing help me so much. It showed me I was off plane at the top of my backswing when I was not shortening it up. I also noticed I had a large stance for some clubs which didn't need it (I had a 3 wood base for a PW). I've been trying to go back to the basics becuase I really haven't had a chance to keep up with the sport in college. Keep the comments coming, any info could always help. I'm 6'4" and only 190 lbs, so it hard to relate to other golfers who aren't as tall as me. thanks guys. Also, I had my clubs fitted when i first bought them in 2008 and they are all lengthened 2'' and the lie angle was adjusted too. 

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I too am a big guy, 6'5" 230#. Always get fitted first. No since started off behind the eight ball with equipment not right
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Sorry hit the post too soon. Mine are 11/2" long and 2 deg up for my frame. Keeping a still head is key in my opinion for taller folks and for me a full backswing is only to about 11-12 o'clock which is a full shoulder turn. If I go further back I just start loosing my coil and stored energy
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I am a poultry 6 foot 3, 220 pounds over here in comparison to the 6''6 ers.


I got measured up recently and got clubs 0.75 inches longer, 2 degrees up.  One interesting thing is I had to get heavy X- stiff shafts as (KBS tours X stiff) my swing was quite short but accelerated them fast.


My mate, of the same height but 200lbs, also got 0.75 inches longer, 2 degrees up but rife 5.5 as his swing is more much more fluid.  

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Originally Posted by Bananarama View Post

I am a poultry 6 foot 3, 220 pounds over here in comparison to the 6''6 ers. 


This is why I only eat organically fed, free range chickens.

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Originally Posted by bplewis24 View Post


This is why I only eat organically fed, free range chickens.


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hey guys, i know most people here are tall fella's so your input on my swing would be helpful cause we are all in the same boat. 






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