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Ping G25s, to buy or not to buy, that is the question?

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I currently play Ping G15s with graphite shafts which I have had for a number of years. Yeah I know a lot of people don't like the G series from Ping, but I do. Anyway, I hit the G25s at Golfsmith the other day and really like everything about them, I'd say more then my G15s. But damn they are expensive and Golfsmith would only give me $160 on a trade-in of my G15s. The question is I'm I ready to spend $700 to $800 dollars on a new set of clubs when I play my G15s really well? I'm in quandary, do I spend the money just because I like the clubs or pass and just continue to play my G15s for a few more years?

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Play the G15's a couple more years, then when PING comes out with the G30's and G35's, you'll be able to get them new, on clearance for 400 bucks.

Having a set of irons you play well is a quandary that many people would like to have!

Good luck with your decision!
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I went and tried a whole bunch if clubs this weekend and ended up getting fit for and buying the g25s. I hit them better than anything else. I ended up getting 5-lw as I play 1, 3, and 4 hybrids and needed to replace my wedges and figured having them match in feel would be a nice change. All told for 9 clubs (instead of the normal 8) was less than 800.

Now the wait for them to come in.
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If you play really well with your current set, doesn't make much sense to switch. Easier said than done, as there have been many clubs I've bought unnecessarily, only to consistently end up with what was in the bag originally.
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I recently purchased a set of G25 and I really like them. The long irons are very easy to hit.


If you play your G15 really well, then keep them. Spend the extra money on lessons.

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The G25 is a pretty big departure from the G15.  While the G15 had a very thick sole, the G25 is a more progressive set getting thinner soles as you move into the shorter clubs. 


I was given the opportunity to buy a new set of golf clubs as a present from my wife this spring.  I decided on the G25's and considered the G15 and G20's since they were up to 1/2 off. 


To me the biggest advantage of the G25's isn't just the thinner soles but also the CFT shafts. 


I will make some assumptions for the following statement.  A - You have $800 to spend on the game of Golf.  B - you have a goal of getting better at golf


So the question is this, do you believe that spending the $800 on those clubs will be the best way to spend $800 on improving your golf game? 

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Bought the G25 irons a few months ago and love them . Since I only use 5-pw , I was able to just buy those clubs through Edwin Watts golf , for less than $500.00 . I've  gained at least a club in distance .

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I ordered a full set of G25 irons 2 weeks ago.  The FedEx Tracking info says they are scheduled for arrival at my local Golfsmith tomorrow.  I already have a tee-time set up (at Glen Dornoch GC) for Thursday morning to try these out.


I have been playing a set of G2's for the last 10 years...and LOVED how the G25's felt when hitting them for the fitting. 

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That's a tough call. I still am waiting for PING to roll out something to get my i3+ out of my bag. Wait until the new generations are out and the G-25 prices will tumble.

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