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4 wood vs.3 wood

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I am thinking of replacing my 3 wood with a 4 wood. I am a fairly good player, but I am a low ball hitter. I am thinking the loft of a 4 wood would help get more carry. Has anyone else made this switch, and what effect has it made on your game. Thanks.

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In my bag I only have two woods: the driver and a 4 wood. All the rest are irons and wedges (and putter). The 4 wood (Ping G20) is great, easy to hit off the tee and from the deck. I love it. I also have the Ping 3 wood but it usually stays at home.

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Originally Posted by caniac6 View Post

... I am thinking the loft of a 4 wood would help get more carry. ...


Last summer I redid my woods. Went from a Callaway XTour 3w and a TM Raylor (19*)  to a RBZ 3W.HL (a 4W in all other kingdoms) and 7W.


On one short Par 5, I occasionally hit a drive long enough I could try for the green in two. But, my 3W shot usually clipped the top of the hill and ricocheted into the rough or a fairway bunker.


The RBZ got the ball up, but I major dispersion problems (45 gr. shaft just too light). So, this weekend I went to a Demo Day and I replaced the RBZ with a Tour Edge XRail 4W and 7W. I also hit the Tour Edge Exotics, but opted for the XRail to get more consistency.


For people looking at FWs that day, the big question was whether to opt for 3W + 5W, or 4W + 7W. The Tour Edge guy had all 3W seekers also try the 4Ws. A lot of it has to do with swing characteristics. Even some guys with lots of clubhead speed did better with the 4W, because they subconsciously tried to help the 3W "lift" the ball. With a 4W, they could use their normal swing and still get the ball up.


But, some of the smoother swingers did fine with a 3W - you just have to try it out and see which is best.


A couple of years ago, Golf Digest reported on a study which said the average golfer can hit a 4W as far - or farther - than a 3W. Two extra degrees loft can really help in getting a better launch.

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I made that switch this year and so far, am pretty happy with it.  For the longest time, I've carried a 15* 3W I've always struggled to get enough height on the 3 wood and it was killing my distance a bit though it made up for it in roll.  Still, just was too low percentage of a club for me to lug around. 


This year, I actually made the switch to a 16* hybrid from (Mizuno JPX 825H) to replace my 3 wood. Off the tee, I definitely loss some yardarge compared to the 3w but off the deck, I got more distance because it is much easier to get height and because its shorter, I was making much more solid contact. I also replaced the 18* with a JPX825 19* mainly  because the I really like the head design.  Its almost like a shorter smaller version of a fairway wood.   

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I bought a Taylormade HL 17 degree fairway wood and took out the 15 degree 3 wood. I seem to get just as much distance with the 17 degree as I did with the 15 and I hit it much straighter.
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Once in awhile I will put an old persimmon four wood in the bag. It is made by Prima. I find it very easy to hit, probably as long as my RBZ 3W.  I want to compare it with the Diablo Edge 4H that I recently acquired, but have not got around to it yet.  That old persimmon has a great feel when hit on the screws and the sound always brings a smile.  I found it at a veterans thrift store and and something like $3.00 for it. Looks almost new!

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I've got the PING G20 4-wood like arturo28mx. I also have the 7-wood. I really like these clubs and for me this wood combo works very well. WUTiger was talking about the idea of 3/5 or 4/7 combos at a demo day. I think these are two logical setups but not everyone may agree. Also, there are many factors to consider depending on what an individual really needs, how they play the game, their level of comfort, etc. Nowadays you really have to look at the clubs individually (specifics) because what one manufacturer calls a 3 could very well be a 4 or even a 5 by another. The PING G20 4-wood is 16.5° and the 7-wood is 21°. The gaps between for me are no problem because I use them for different purposes. Both clubs are versatile, but the 7-wood comes into play as my fairway club often. The 4-wood is great for the long shots (180+). I can use the 7-wood for anything from 150 trouble shots, fairway bunkers, long par threes, and just about anything else. Point being, find what works for you. It very well may work for you to bag a four wood.
Hope this helps.
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I went out and bought a 4 wood 17 degree Razr Fit Xtreme this year.  I am hitting it much more consistently from all lies.  It is just easier to hit than my 15 degree Callaway Diablo.   I am more than happy to accept whatever distance loss there MIGHT be in exchange for the better strike.  I am hitting it straighter and higher while the 3 wood was a scary slice at times off of the turf.  It is working out well for me.  

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Originally Posted by Wingover718 View Post

 It is working out well for me.  

And that is the definition of a good club!  


Congrats ... I been looking at a getting a 4 as well ... I use my 7 a lot now, like you I tend to slice my 3 a bit ... 

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Ping G20 4-wood(16.5°) and 7-wood (21°) are staples in my bag. These two cover my "long game from the fairway" and they work well off the tee as well. I'll use the 4-wood on shorter and narrower par 4s and the 7-wood on longer par 3s. Versatile, easy to hit and surprisingly long when needed.
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For the last few years I have carried 3-wood, 5-wood, and 7-wood. This season I took out the 3-wood. I just didn't use it enough or hit it reliably enough. I am very happy with 5-wood and 7-wood, but will be looking to go 4-wood and 7-wood when I replace them.

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