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Oversize Grips

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Whats everyones take on the oversize grips for clubs? I do not have arthritis or anything, but i am guilty of over-gripping at times. I've moved to a super stroke 5.0 fatso on my putter and i feel it has improved my game. Has anyone experienced any negatives using oversize?


Im considering buying these to give them a try....



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I used to have a set of Nike Slingshot irons with jumbo grips and liked them.  I found it easier to control the clubface with bigger grips.

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I use oversize....but I can pickup a basketball with one hand so a normal grip feels like a pencil.

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Grips should be fitted for your hand size.  I am right in between a midsize and a jumbo. 

Too big of grip you tend to leave face open, too small and you close it early.   So if arthritis isn't an issue, you should not by Jumbo grips unless your hand is large enough.

If you can re-grip yourself (learn it's easy) then you can experiment cheaply spending a few dollars re-gripping a couple of clubs and going to the range to see how you like.

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From your wrist crease to the tip of your middle finger, if your hand measures: 


<7" - Undersize grips

7"-8 1/4" - Standard size grips

8 1/4"-9 1/4" - Midsize grips

>9 1/4" - Jumbo size grips


My hand measures 9 1/4", and I use midsize grips. 

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I have average sized hands and recently switched to midsized grips. I do have some stiffness in my hands. I don't think they helped much. I may have even lost a bit of control. I'm probably going to switch back to standard sized when I redo them.

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If your grips are too big for your hands you will probably end up pushing or slicing on your bad shots. Grip pressure is a big part of golf although, if you have to go with a bigger grip to ease up on the King Kong grip then try it out on 1 or 2 clubs first before you spend $50 or $60 on a full set.

Check out the grip size page on  golfclubshaftreview.com

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