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Cobra Amp Cell (Driver)

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Who plays this driver and how do you guys like the performance? Price just dropped from $299 to $199 and I picked it up after trading in 2 clubs so I got it for $100.  I REALLY enjoy this club. 

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I have put 1 in the bag (silver) along with the Cell irons (orange). I've only hit the driver a few times and the irons should be here today or tomorrow.
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I've been using it since Mar-April 2013, can't remember exactly when I bought it. Honestly I only bought it because I had been using the AMP 3w and hybrids and I liked those. With that in mind I went to the retail stores to check out just about everything 2013 in the spring and besides the few that I hated due to the sound they pretty much all performed the same for me. The Cell driver led to a new Cell 3-4w and a couple of hybrids that I still have but have dropped in favor of the 588 Cleveland Altitude 4-6. I had my Cell driver shortened and the shaft plays a little soft with the tip weighting. I plan to check out some heavier shafts late in the year after I spend the first part of winter hitting the lessons hard again.

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Played two rounds with my new Amp Cell (silver) driver. Really nice feel, hit them straight and long. Have it set to 10.5D to counter a slight fade I recently picked up, seems to work. (Still have to work on that fade, back for another lesson). I haven't played to much with the different settings yet, will take it to the range for that, probably tomorrow. All in all I'm happy with the new driver but I really don't see it as a vast improvement over my Cobra S2 that I was using, but like I said I haven't played with it that much yet.

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I actually purchased an amp cell driver before my titleist 913 and it was remarkable. Extremely forgiving on mishits. Cobra posts the E9 technology you can read about online. The only reason I decided not to stick wit it was the numbers I was getting as far as distance and spin. Otherwise I would strongly recommend this driver to any amateur.
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Having an issue with hitting everything off the toe. Either a draw or HOOK! Cut it down to 45" to see if I don't make better sweet spot contact.
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I know this is a couple months old but I wanted to see if there were any other thoughts. I recently ordered one when I found it new for $149+ free shipping. Had to wait until it hit my price point! I haven't seen very many bad things on it, other than a couple "anti-Cobra guy" reviews.


Not that it much matters at this point as I will play this driver for the next 4-5 years, but would like to hear more if any of you own it.

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