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Hovering Irons

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Hi all,

I have been reading alot of articles on the ST lately and thought it was about time i joined. I was just wondering for those of you who do hover your irons off the ground how much do you hover by? Is the bottom of the club at the middle of the ball?

I have been hitting alot of fat shots recently and am intrested in trying this out.

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The only club that I hover, other than in a hazard, is my driver, so I can't answer you.


FWIW though, hitting a lot of shots fat indicates a pretty serious flaw in your setup and/or swing.  Hovering the club isn't the fix.  Determining and addressing the flaw(s) is.  Posting a swing video on this site may be a good first step as there are some talented teaching professionals here that are willing to help you out.


This link explains how to do it.....




Welcome to the site! 

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If you struggle with fat shots your most likely not getting enough weight forward.

I sometimes hover my irons very high but only as a drill to encourage a downwards strike.

For the fats I would practice with something a few inches behind the ball, a rolled up towel or something.
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Hmmm.  Sorry, I don't hover my clubs.  I agree with the other posters, it's probably a swing issue and hovering the club won't help you.

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I tried the hovering thing last week after hitting my irons fat for weeks.


It worked great last week - i am not counting on it working again tomorrow.


I was told the reason I am hitting fat shots was because I have too much *slide* in the hips and not enough *turn* - if I can hover and not worry about the *turn* than I will stick with it.

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