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Cancun Golf

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Going in April, any recommendations? Will probably make day tip to Mayakoba.
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Moon Palace has a 27 hole Nicklaus layout. I have never been there but my sister says it's nice.



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I played Mayakoba on my honeymoon (twice).  Its by far the nicest course I've ever played.  Absolutely fantastic.















If you're thinking of Moon Palace, you should look into this:  http://www.groupon.com/deals/ga-jet-set-vacations-8



Also, a word of warning.  When we landed someone offered us a coupon for a free round of golf at a Jack Nicklaus course at the Grand Mayan.  After showing up early in the morning, then learning we had to sit through go through this long time share hard sell, we found out it was only a par 3 course.  And after a few holes it started pouring.  Cost us nearly an entire day.  

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We're staying at the Nizuc Resort and Spa.  Thanks for the advice on the free golf scam.



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