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Replacing 4 fw and 4 hybrid

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I am using a TM R11s with stock stiff shaft and a Cleveland Massie 4 hybrid. With the off season fully here and a new PGASS open a few minutes away my golf needs I mean wants are I'm over drive. I would like to look into a new 4 fw since and 4 hybrid. I only use up to a 6 iron and my next club would be a 4 hybrid. I hitting my 6 iron around a 165 yds a perfect contact 176 but can't go off that number so 165 is it. I am looking for a nice 185 club for longer par 3s and from fw. My fw metal only goes about 210 and would like to see if I could maximize my fw distance and accuracy. Feel free to throw out a few clubs in the hybrid and fairway category.
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Callaway X Hot fairways are pretty good.  X Hot 2's are coming out soon.



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If you're going with one FW, you might try Tour Edge: the Exotics or the Exotics XRail. http://www.touredge.com/


The Exotics are a bit pricy, so you might try to get a previous year's model. XRail a bit more user-friendly, and not as costly. Both Exotics and XRail offer 4W.


If you're interested, here's my review on the XRails: http://thesandtrap.com/products/tour-edge-exotics-xrail-fairway-woods/reviews/4747


From your sig line: Do you carry a 5i and just not use it?

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Thanks for the link to your review. Sounds like something i should look into as I don't like carrying that many clubs. I do not use my 5 iron. Have I yes but would find that whenever I would pull that club to hit on a long par 3 or from fairway it was a disaster. No fluid motion with it. Now this was with my old set of irons (x-22 tours) maybe next season I will attempt the Amps 5 iron. But than again the lofts of he 6 iron on those is basically a 5 iron.
Back to the fw. Do you know if any of the big stores carry the exotics? Probably have walks past them if they did. As for the hybrids any thoughts? Just got rid of a TM 11 4 hybrid and stuck with the Cleveland Massie 4. Just want to keep my options open.
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Originally Posted by jmanbooyaa View Post

.... Do you know if any of the big stores carry the exotics? Probably have walks past them if they did. ...

Golfsmith and Roger Dunn are big stores which carry at least the Exotics FWs.


Lots of smaller, regional chain or non-chain golf shops carry Exotics.


Go to the Tour Edge website, and you can do a ZIP-code search for a fitter in your area.


Hybrids? Go to a spring demo day and see what's available. Adams has done a lot with hybrids, and the Wilson D100s fly pretty well. The shaft is key... you want to have ball flight you like.

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@wutiger I am used clubs kind of guy so the high price tag shouldn't really phase me inventory might. Are the fw forgiving? I noticed from looking up the tour edge clubs they seem to have higher end shafts. I am not very knowledgeable about what different shafts do. I would like to have a mid launch ball flight. 4 wood a must will never own a 3 wood again. Too difficult to get airborne.
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Here is the Tour Edge sector on FWs. Take a look at the stock shafts. http://www.touredge.com/products/fairwaysmain.asp


I suspect you would want an XCG5, XCG6 or XRail 4W. Most of the stock shafts have a mid-high to high launch, and are lightweight or medium-weight graphite.


Most of the shafts have medium torque (3.6* to 4.4*). Torque measures how much the shaft twists during the swing. If a shaft feels boardy or harsh, you need one with more torque. If it feels mushy, less torque. (You'll see torque mostly listed for graphite shafts; irons shafts twist very little).

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A high launch would be preferable. I will try to check them out at the PGASS this weekend. I think maybe the xrail. Thanks for the advice.
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Here is my lineup for the upcoming season, all the gaps should be filled quite well. I love the hybrid, so much easier to hit!


6 Iron = 26*      = 150-170 yds
5 Iron = 23*      = 160-180 yds
4 Iron = 20*      = 170-190 yds (the 4 iron might be replaced with another utility club, like a chipper/putter, LW, etc, because I now am using the 4 hybrid)
4Hybrid = 22*   = 170-190 yds
5 Wood = 19*   = 180-200 yds
3 Wood = 15*   = 190-220 yds

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