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Bag divider

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I've got a titleist staff bag that I really love other then the fact that it only has a 5 way divider. I was woundering if by chance there's a way to convert or change it to a 14 way divider?
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14 way dividers are evil - that is why I went to a staff bag.


My old bag screwed up the butt end of my putter - clubs were always tangled in others when I pulled them out.

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I know places sell plastic tubes you can put into golf bags to "convert" them but from what I can tell they end up twisted all the time. If you want a 14 way divider the best bet is to buy a 14 way divider (I really like them on cart bags but on a stand bag I'd rather have less weight which means something like the 4-way divider I have in my SM Three 5)

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Those tubes are a pain in the ass as well, I think search the web, in fact I saw a golf bag by some European company that looked nice and kept everything separated very neatly. Someone needs to figure out a way to secure the clubs individually but is quick and easy to remove the club or put it away.

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Might be the BagBoy Revolver you're thinking of?


If I was a cart/trolley guy I'd think about one for sure.

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So from what I'm understanding is either deal(I've tried the tube things they suck) or buy a new bag? There's no way to change the divider on the top?
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Not that I know of.

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Even if the top has 14 dividers, the clubs will still get tangled up unless the dividers are full length. A few bags have full length dividers but most are not.
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