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My Swing (Timnsr72)

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Wanted to thank whoever reply's in advance for their feedback. I know the angle of the video is not the best, but I had to work with the video my playing partner took. In the wedge shots I am aiming for a flagstick 15 yards left of where the mat is. Two years ago I took lessons which got my index to 15 & I managed to get it down to 13 from there. This year I am planning on taking another lesson(s) and want to get my index to 10 or below.


I've been Playing Golf for:​ 6 years

My current handicap index is: 13.1

My typical ball flight is: Straight/Straight Fade

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Push Fade - Especially with driver




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On my phone so I apologize for the brevity… someone else may elaborate.


Your backswing is all arms. Your lower body does almost nothing during the backswing.


Look at the videos we've posted recently of backswing turning rates, and do a LOT more to get your hips involved.

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Turn your hips like a pro. This may be a good video for you. There are lots of other video's here to help you, click on the link.



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Compared to how much your shoulders turn and your hands move, your hips have not move nearly as much. I would work on getting your hips to open up much sooner in the backswing. See the video bellow. 




It's tough to tell by the camera angle. But that toe of the driver is WAY high off the ground there. It looks your hands are very close to your body. I would take a look at this thread bellow on golf posture. A good drill @mvmac has mentioned is get your heels about 4 inches from a wall. Then bend your knees slightly and lean over. Your butt should just be touching the wall. For you it would probably feel like you are way over the ball. Your weight needs to be equally between the heels and the balls of your feet. If you took a picture from down the line view, your shoulders would be past your toes, and your butt would be about 4-6 inches from the heels of your feet. This should help you get a better turn and more athletic move in the golf swing. 



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Wanted to post an update, my scores have dropped and I can now break 80. My issue is consistency, I'll go 77 one round & then shoot 97 the next. I've narrowed it down to the 2nd shot and my putting(Short putts). Alot of the putting issue is a problem between the ears that I'll have to fix, but I wanted to see if there was any suggestions for my second shot. It either goes short and straight or long and right.


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Also wanted to attach a recent round I recorded with GolfPad.http://www.golfpadgps.com/view/#/round/RUB23U/1

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Um, the fact that you one-putt 94% of the time, while the top PGA player one-putts about 44% of the time makes me think you're scoring is a little, how shall I put this, inaccurate.

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I don't record my putting with GolfPad, just use it for shot distances & put the one putt to mark that I finished the hole.

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