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Hi guys.


My name is Chris. I am relatively new to the sport. I have been playing sporadically throughout the Spinrg/Summer for the past 3 years. I am tired of being absolutely awful. Decided that this Spring I will take it more seriously (and be less dreadful). Good or no good, still love being out on the course with the old man or friends.


I look forward to being a member of the community.






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Welcome to the forum!


Lots of good info around here.


And the conversation gets quite lively at times, too!

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Hi @chris15 


Welcome to The Sand Trap. A lot of us came here in the same situation as you and we have all gotten better from the great advice and help on this forum.


I'd suggest looking through this thread for drills and tips that can help you right away:


5SK Video Thread
started on 08/14/12 last post 06/22/15 at 9:01pm 324 replies 45082 views

And these threads will pay immediate dividends:


Quickie Pitching Video - Golf Pitch Shot Technique
started on 08/22/10 last post 08/28/15 at 8:06am 630 replies 66694 views


Chipping With a Putting Method
started on 11/10/13 last post 07/10/15 at 6:02am 49 replies 10730 views

And here are the two threads that did the most for me getting started:


The Biggest Secret? SLIDE Your Hips
started on 09/26/09 last post 06/16/15 at 7:54pm 811 replies 210935 views


A Centered Pivot Golf Swing
started on 12/01/11 last post 01/26/15 at 8:34am 105 replies 21581 views


Once you've gotten a handle on all that information, you should consider starting a My Swing thread. Once you're ready to start a My Swing thread, be sure to read the rules at the top of the sub-forum before creating the thread.


Have fun and good luck!

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Hey guys. Thanks for the quick responses and info.

I'll definitely start going through all of it this weekend.

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Welcome, about how often do you play? I've been getting out a lot this year once the snow melted and it's helped me get more comfortable out there. My course offered a cheap membership where I could play unlimited afternoon golf and unlimited range, so I grabbed it. If you're planning on playing more than 20 rounds this year, often it's worth checking if your courses offer it because you'll save money and play more golf if you can get out a lot. Practice especially gets expensive, at 5$ a bucket I paid for a 300$ unlimited key and it paid for itself the first month. You should also see what the lesson rates are, generally they offer packages. And of course, use the resources on here because they can help a lot.

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In years past, I have played very inconsistently. This year, I would like to try and get out once a week. 

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Originally Posted by chris15 View Post

In years past, I have played very inconsistently. This year, I would like to try and get out once a week. 

That will help.


This year I got my average rounds up from 1.25 to 2 a week - the best and most fun way to improve.

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