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Burner 2.0 new or buy newer technology

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Hey guys,

Newbie here on the forums but not new to golf. Looking to upgrade my old TM Rac HT. Recently the TM burner 2.0 has been what looks like closeout prices new for $299. I hit them and liked them in the simulator but just wondering if they are old technology and should look more and obviously pay more for the newer technology TM Rbladez or Speedblade. I like the price point for the burner 2.0 but for $200 more I could get the Rbladez. Thoughts?

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Welcome to the forum @schach23 .  I personally would go for the Burner for the price.  The new driver may only be slightly better.

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Oops. I totally didn't mention ideas looking at iron sets. Still go with the burner 2.0 irons with stock stiff shafts? I just don't want to buy just because they are a good price at $299 but I feel like they are a great set for the money and I am just not sure the new models are that much better.

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Same applies to irons.  The newest technology is only slightly better.

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OP, that's what I picked up a few weeks ago. The irons replaced my previous irons which were about 20 years old, copies of some cavity back irons, and less forgiving.


I thought they'd magically improve my game... or at least hoped they would. Nope. My swing is still horriffic but I hadn't played golf in a few years and it is improving with subsequent visits to the driving range.


I don't think the 2.0's are much worse than anything out right now aside from price... if you like them, feel confident in purchasing them.

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I hit the 2.0s. Really like them. I will probably get a new set of something in a year or so but for $299 they hit really well imo. 

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Thanks guys!!
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I will also add when I bought my irons the R11 and Rocketballz had just came out and I hit all 3 on a simulator and chose the 2.0 and I was there to buy the newer ones. Just really liked the way it came off the face. YMMV so if you can hit all 3.

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Sooo..... since schach23's question seems to be answered to his satisfaction.... and my question is kinda along the same lines as his, but slightly different - i hope he doesn't mind the hijack.   (Mods, please move to a new thread if need be,...thanks)


I've been playing early 90's Lynx Parallax irons since I got them new as demos in 1992 as a 14 yr old and had them re-shafted and re-gripped around 2003 -ish.  I've never kept an official handicap, but don't score as well now as i did in my late teens/early 20s when I was playing multiple times per week.  Back then, I would consistently shoot 84-88 and these days I'm more likely to be around 92-96.  I only get to play about 10-12 times per year now and the bad scores are almost always due to a slow start... i.e. last week, I just shot 49-41 at a course I had only played once before about 4 years ago and probably could have shaved another 2-3 strokes with better course management... but it's always a dumb score like that.... 47-42, 51-40, 50-42 or something... a really bad front than somewhat decent back(for me).


Anywho, back to my question - all things being equal, would/should I (or anyone else that plays sparingly) benefit from going out and dropping $300-$400 on a new set of irons for the "new technology"?  I've been considering the Burner Plus or RocketBladez, the Callaway Razr X,  Adams and a couple others in that price range.  Having not hit anything else yet, I'm pretty darn happy with my irons as-is, and I kinda like the traditional lofts with my PW being a 50* and SW 55*.  I tend to hit my irons well and mostly straight, with most of my misses just being dead pulls.  I don't want to just shuffle distance between clubs by moving to newer, more modern lofts and still ending up with the same misses.... but if the newer clubs really are more forgiving, then I should be able to score better, no?


For reference, I currently hit my clubs:


Driver 265-280

3W 235-250

3i -  220

4i - 205

5i - 190

6i  -180

7i  - 165

8i  - 155

9i  - 145

pw - 135

sw -125

56* - 110

60* - 80

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About a year ago I was in the same boat as a lot of other posters in this thread. Returning to golf after several years off, playing old gear. I decided that I would upgrade and it did make a difference. I went to a demo day to try out irons and discovered just how much more forgiving the current tech is vs. clubs from 15 years ago.

Don't hesistate to do yourself the favor of getting new clubs IF you have the cash. You can do it relatively cheap if you're patient and shop around. From eBay, I bought a set of barely used Razr X NG irons for $200 shipped and a new Odyssey Pro putter for $85 shipped. I got a new bag from Dicks on sale, and picked up a pair of X hot fairway woods still wrapped in plastic for $200 from Craigslist. The only thing left is to upgrade my ancient R5 driver, and get a couple new wedges. I'm in no hurry on the driver, so when the SLDRs start showing up used under $200, I'll get one. By piecing it together over a few months, it wasn't too rough on the wallet, and I've learned the new gear each piece at a time. No regrets. Go for it. Just be sure to try out before buying.
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