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Please help my decision. Are women full club sets as good as buying seperate

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So my wife started golfing 3 or 4 years ago. At that time I didn't know how much she would play so we got her a set of Maxfli Women's Black Max set for like $500 I think. She enjoys them and all but I am wondering if I am cheating her out of playing better. I don't know a whole bunch about clubs so if I go buy her say a Taylormade R1 or equivalent and a separate iron set are the clubs that much better than a full box set like the one I got her? What do ya'll think?

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A couple of years ago I did a Bag Drop column on boxed sets of clubs for beginners. Both golf shop reps and teaching pros who give beginners clinics spoke highly of them.


One question was, how long should the beginners play with the boxed sets? The pros said a golfer will know when it's time to upgrade: they will feel the clubs are "holding them back" from the type of shots they'd like to make.


Another factor is how often the women play. If they play twice a month, the basic sets would last for several years. If they get hooked and play twice a week, they might wear out some basic set clubs in a few seasons.


Also, the OEMs make different grades of boxed sets. You can get:

  • a basic beginners set such as the TopFlite XL for women for $200.
  • A medium-price Tour Edge Lady's Edge set for $399.
  • Or you can get the Adams Idea set for $999 -  Adams can customize these: trim the shafts more, and adjust plus or minus 3* on iron lies, and plus or minus 2* on hybrid lies. And, Almond and Blackberry versions offer a petite variant for shorter women. Also within Adams, some of the a12OS boxed sets come in at about $700.


Callaway Solaire and Nike Verdana also offer different boxed sets for women ranging from $700 to $990.


You can always split the difference: Callaway and TM, for example, have women's versions of their X2 and RBZ models. If your wife can find a set of last year's irons or woods that fit her, she likely can get a decent price cut on them. 

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The other consideration is whether she would want you to spend $1000 on new clubs for her or use the funds to upgrade your next vacation instead.
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My biggest worry about boxed sets is the lack of custom fit -- I realize the exact fit isn't the most important for a total beginner, but very ill-fitting clubs are a poor idea. And after seeing the size of some clubs in boxed women's sets, I wonder how big they think women tend to be.

There are currently two women I'm actively trying to get into (or, in one case, back into) golf.

* One has a Pinseeker GW, not from a boxed set; L-flex graphite, got out of a bin at Roger Dunn tent sale. She also has an Adams A7 6-iron, R-flex graphite, that was a former demo club I bought at the same tent sale for $5. She also has a new Nike SQ MachSpeed 5-wood, L-flex graphite. The latter is her favorite of the three.

* Another has my beginner set PW and 7-Iron. These were component clubs made by a friend-of-a-friend, in "light steel" (probably R flex, but unlabeled). She's also younger and more athletic than the first (played hockey regularly for many years, knows not to cross-check in golf).

I've suggested against a full starter set for either until such time as they've swung enough to be able to swing a club at the store and decide if they like it or not.
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My wife has the Maxfli Black Max set as well... SW - 4H and 5W. She replaced the putter with a nice Odyssey putter (OK, I actually replaced it for her... She didn't care), and replaced the driver with a Ping Faith.

The set works great for her. She's not an avid golfer, plays a few times a year.

To echo what others have said... Depends how much your wife plays and/or practices. If they don't really hold her back... The set is likely still appropriate.
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