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Hey everyone, Just joined the site yesterday have seen it a few other times in search of things and reviews, decided to sign up. I live in North Idaho. I played golf in highschool and after kids and work just now getting into a position where I can get back out and enjoy (afford) playing.
I work in Alaska for BP as a Bulk Fuel tech. The nice thing is I work 3 weeks on 3 weeks off so when I get home I have a pretty good opportunity to get out but unfortunatly it sorta ruins mens league. probably no tournement winner in the near or ever future but I do enjoy scrambles and best ball tourneys. Look forward to taking some tips and advice to the course..because walking to elevated TEEs are much easier when you make good shots from them;)
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Welcome to the site. I wish I had that work schedule. =]
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It definitly has its ups and downs. The time off sounds great but by the time you catch up on what you missed and then prep for what your going to miss the time just seems to dissapear. Weekday golf rates are always lower than weekends though haha
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