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I know that is a problem of mine, I can feel it sometimes. I especially do it hitting longer clubs off the deck and believe it is the main reason why I hit behind the ball or hit it fat. 

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I thought about this blog as I've begun what seems to be my annual end-of-the-year, downward spiral. The repeating pattern includes an improvement in ball striking in the middle of the season with improvement lasting a couple of months, followed by a decline.

The most recent improvement with the driver and woods came as a result of a small change in the backswing. Simply keeping the takeaway long (remember the "straight trial arm" thread?) and hinging the wrists later and along the plane (don't know the correct term - radial deviation??)  instead of thinking about Hogan's supination lessons. The results were almost automatic... ball starts along target line with little to no curve. There was no need to compensate my alignment or club face. Whether off the tee or, in the case of fairway woods, off the deck - align everything and remember those two things - long arms, wrist hinge late and along the plane. Seemed easy to repeat and the results were like magic.

It was nice while it lasted.

If "small change big change" can apply towards success, I suppose the reverse can also be true. Obviously, there were so many other little things I must have doing (mostly) right. Maybe my slower tempo at first helped in the timing of my lower body, and once I started experiencing success my confidence grew and I starting swinging too fast, throwing off the timing??? Maybe over swinging??? There are so many possibilities I'm looking at as to why good results are no longer automatic. Point is, I don't think it takes much to screw it up.

Whatever the cause, I suppose this is an endorsement for instruction - or at least for recording the swing when it's good. That way, it might be easier to identify the subtle change when it isn't.

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1 hour ago, JonMA1 said:

Whatever the cause, I suppose this is an endorsement for instruction - or at least for recording the swing when it's good. That way, it might be easier to identify the subtle change when it isn't.

Bingo. And of learning how to use video to see if any of your priorities that you've fixed (whether it's steady head, backswing length, etc.) need revisiting.

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    • Let the clubhead fall behind you more (or make it), and then turn hard through.
    • Day 401 Have a lesson in a week, and it's not clear if my priority piece is going well or not. Recent rounds and practices have been rough with regards to ball striking, really not knowing where the ball is going to go. But I've felt like this before, and usually at some point things click and start coming together. Went back and reviewed some notes from previous lessons and hit some balls with those concepts and was hitting it pretty well. Then worked on my current priority piece with lots of slow rehearsals between balls and started to feel some progress. Still not great.
    • Yesterday’s Session  1-18-21 GOALS: LOWER BODY: Flow, internal rotation of trail hip TRANSITION: Drop arms down and deep P5 - FINISH: Do not use right hand to help club, use body pivot 3/4 of session was 2 part drill. 1/4 slow swings 7i Drill 7i SLOW SWINGS GOAL 1: Lower Body I achieved my 2” of lateral hip bump, and kept my trail knee facing FO camera. Good GOAL 2 and 3: Drop arms in transition and pivot through follow through.   I did my drill with a lot of focus. I also think I did a better job of not flipping my right hand at it after P5 Only minor issue was the feeling I hit down and across- like a slicer. . Unsure, maybe because club is so deep? I can’t shake the feeling I need to pivot more “up” instead of “down-left” Due to dome hours, I cannot have a practice session until the weekend. I will continue mapping at home in the mirror.
    • Collage football is a sham these days, always the same schools getting the best players. Let's see, who will be first next year? Ohio State, Clemson, Alabama, or who? What a joke!
    • I have a penchant for losing headcovers and towels, so I have learned to be very meticulous when using them. When I use my driver, 3W or hybrid, I take the headcover off, partially stuff it into a hole in the bag so it won't fall out, or fall in, and then replace it immediately after hitting a ball. If I happen to have alignment sticks in my bag, I'll put the headcover over the alignment sticks. I don't have iron headcovers, but if I did, I think I would put them in my pocket when taking a shot. For putter, I take the headcover off and stick it in the side pocket of my bag, which is empty and always open, then replace it before putting the putter away. No one asked, but for towels, I secure them to my bag with a carabiner. Only way to avoid losing one every week.
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