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Tournament Update and status of my game update



My month of July was filled with some bad scoring and bad decisions in tournament rounds. I shot 98-92=190 at the club. Didn't play well at all either day really... (I don't carry a vanity handicap I promise) I had a 9 and a 10 the first day (automatically reduced to 8 with ESC) and some bad shots and brain farts around the greens.

The second day was a little better hitting the ball but two or three triple chips turned an 84 into a 92, I hit 3 fairways that day. And 4 or 5 misses were by a lot (plus I took 2 unplayables on 9 and 10)...

I shot 95 at Conklin in the outing with @krupa, @colin007, and @RFKFREAK. If I can ever figure out how to download the Facebook live video, I'll post it to YouTube and here. It should be entitled: "How Not To Play The Tenth Hole at Conklin Players Club"... But it was a good time meeting Colin and Christian.

I took a week off from the course just to kind of take a break from playing. I did practice though.

Last Sunday I played 27 holes... First nine pretty good. 4 pars in a row on 13-16. Bogey-Double-Bogey start, finished double then bogey. 43 not bad first nine in a week.

Second nine, parred 1 and 2 doubled 3 bogeyed 4 doubled 5 bogeyed 6,7, and 8 parred 9, 44 on the easier front nine (I'm thinking what the hell?)

So since I'm a member and it was slow I waited an hour and played 9 more. I made bogey at 1. Pars at 2 and 3, up and down par at 4, bogey at 5, par at 6, up and down par at 7, bogey at 8... So here's the situation... I'm +3 standing on the 9th tee... I haven't been +3 on the 9th tee all year (even when I birdied both 6 and 9 my first time out this year). I need a par 5 for a 39...

I hit a good drive with a 5 yard fade about 260 from the tee in the left center of the fairway... 245 yards to the middle of the green, 4-wood in my hands, hit well, but about 15 yards right, behind a 15 foot pine tree about 40 yards from the hole. I hit my pitch... Oh no I decelerate... Clunk! Crash! Right of a limb, but it gets to the other side... I hit my 45 foot chip to about 3.5 feet. 

3.5’ for a 39. My first sub-40 nine holes of the year... I play my putt to break an inch inside of the right edge.... I hit the putt... It's rolling... And I hear  "plop, plop, plop, plop"... I was nervous over that putt, but I made it...

So this week, I'm working on gripping down an inch or so for a straighter ball flight. I found I hold the club way too close to the end. So the club stays open. If I grip down too far... It closes too quick (stiffens the shaft) In between, pretty good. 

I'm hoping I can put 2 sub-40 nines together in qualifying for the City. 

Just a note to @iacas, I did the three 3-hole round trick when I shot that 39... I actually was +1 in each three hole round.


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Nice job shooting a sub 40 on 9 holes.

I'm not sure if sub 45 is something that isn't too infrequent for you but good job there, too.  You were obviously striking the ball a lot better than when we played.  

Just looking at your round, it got me to thinking that when you break a round up into 9 holes, it seems easier to shoot 90 over 18 and that it really is just a matter of a few strokes and keeping your concentration. 

Nice job again and here's a link to help you out with the video:



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    • http://golfclevelandohio.com/ Check that out. Or look at the map if you know where you will be: http://golfclevelandohio.com/gco2017-map.html .
    • I don't really worry about not hitting the gallon. If I don't get it in, I just don't. My main thing is to cutout the other junk I was drinking.  I think I'm going to get me a 32oz bottle and try that. I have thought about that as well..
    • This is nothing more than me venting.  If you're looking for a post about something... this is not it.  If you're looking for a post about how frustrating the game we all seem to love is... you've found it.  

      So... I've always been pretty bad at golf.  I never really had the time nor the financial means to practice as much as someone would need to become a 'good' golfer.  Now that my kids are getting a little older and we live in a more golf-friendly climate... I've seen my playing time increase significantly.  Without going back and looking to verify... I'd say that prior to getting settled down here in 2015, my highest number of rounds was between 25 and 30 for a year.  

      Over the last few years, that number has increased dramatically (27 rounds in 2015 - 78 rounds in 2016 - 61 rounds so far in 2017).  That also means a lot more practice time for me, both on the course and at the practice facilities.  I haven't yet taken any lessons, but I feel like I'm finally getting out enough where things I am practicing on my own are starting to stick.  

      My index has dropped from a 16.0 as of 5/15/2016 to a 10.2 as of 8/15/2017... and it's trending at a 9.3 with the next revision due in a little over a week.  

      My wife, for as much as she doesn't understand golf and probably doesn't want to hear me talk about it, will ask me what my score was whenever I play.  For the last few months, if it's not something 87 or better... I feel pretty bad about the round.  She knows this and will ask me what happened when I come home and tell her I shot something in the 90+ range.  This is where I struggle.  

      There are days when the game seems not-so-difficult.  This past weekend, for example, I played Sunday in an interclub match.  After struggling a little bit off the tee with my driver over the last 3 weeks (suddenly began hitting a weak fade out of nowhere)... I felt like something clicked the day before during a tournament round I had played.  On Sunday, everything was on.  I hit 10 of 14 fairways... and of the 4 I missed, only 1 was really a bad swing.  In addition to hitting the ball much straighter, I also averaged 10 yards per drive more than I've averaged this year leading into that round.  I posted an 'easy for me' 41 - 41 = 82 where, if a few putts dropped, it would have easily been a 78 or better.  

      The day before, in the tournament I played... I opened with a nice birdie before struggling mightily for the rest of the front side.  I posted a 46 that felt like a 70 on the front.  On the back... it was a totally different game.  My struggles with approach shots suddenly disappeared.  I hit a bunch of greens in regulation and threw up a 38.  The 46 - 38 = 84 got me within 2 strokes of the winner and I took second place.  

      Sunday night, my wife asked what changed and I shrugged.  Even though I'm way more consistent than I've ever been... I still seem to go through these fits for short periods.  I'll play really well for 2-3 weeks... I'll get filled with confidence... and then it will all go away seemingly at random for 2-3 weeks.  I'll struggle... I'll get frustrated... and then I'll have a round where things click and my confidence is back again.  I'll then play well again for 2-3 weeks before the cycle repeats.   

      My wife thinks I'm insane.  She's been around my golf buddies and I when we talk about 'losing it' and she rolls her eyes.  She doesn't believe it's a real thing... like it's Bigfoot or something.  

      I get golf anxiety when I have those periods where I struggle.  I wish I could always be 'on' when I'm on the course.  I love the fact that I've improved.  I love playing golf and not feeling like I'm 'that guy' holding the rest of the group up while I search for my ball in the woods all day long.  I just hate feeling lost when it decides to leave me.  

      Anyway... that's the end of my rant... for now.  

    • Next week I'll be in the Cleveland area.  I'd like to play a couple rounds. Anyone like to recommend a couple good Public or semi-private ones?  I like harder/tricky layouts, but scenery and low crowds is even more important.
    • Thanks for the link I'll check it out but to be honest in my opinion (only a limited knowledge based one ) I think better course management is more important than trying to punch out from under tress. when I first started playing I felt like distance was the most important factor and often did just try advance the ball as far as i could each shot from the driver off the tee.. then 3/5 wood second shot (par 5) where my ball could end up practically anywhere rough/trees/sand leaving a hard third shot which usually went onto an equally hard 4th...Now I play to stay on the fairway and can usually make most greens ( an odd one even with a 5 iron) with the odd blow out hole ruining my score but as a ever wanting to learn I may change my thinking as I progress.
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