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Wow, maybe more and more people are using video



No one at the ranges I go to make use of video, and if they do, they're doing it wrong, I'm one of the rare few who brings a tripod. Looking at the Facebook page of a popular instructor today, and it's the dead of winter, there are tons of people jury rigging whatever they have to practice indoors - school gyms, basements, backyards - from all over the place, US, UK, Canada. They're all using video, some high frame rate, although their angles could be better. So maybe I'm just in an unrepresentative area but it seems from this little keyhole I'm looking through people are more and more comfortable using video. Watching all these people working at their game is inspiring.


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I've never seen another person (even the instructors) at my range using video. I've had a couple people ask what I was doing and seem surprised at the ability of the iPhone 240fps mode to capture swing positions so clearly. 

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I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen someone Taping their swing at the range.  But I do think it is becoming more common based on the number of instructors offering online instruction like evolvr.

8 hours ago, iacas said:

I think the fact that more and more phones have 240 FPS video makes it that much easier.

When I worked at a golf course in high school, late 90's, our pro had this big 'ol cart with a video camera system.  Whenever he would want to use it I would have to wheel the whole system out to the driving  range.  The video was pretty terrible quality compared to today.  When the lesson was over I rolled it back in and made sure it was plugged in to charge.  So yeah, taping your swing with a quality high fps camera on your phone is a little easier. 






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