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My first thought was it would make a good logo for the West Coast Team - Newport Cup team shirts.

It's our favorite color, maybe modify it a bit, get rid of the star and insert a golf ball in the wing ... 
then place it on the bottom of the shirt sleeve.


OK, time to wake up from my day dreams :whistle:

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    • Yeah, so I've been doing a bunch of takeaway work over the past week or so to A2 to try and fix the overly bent RIGHT arm that occurs very early on in the backswing. You'll notice this in my somewhat recent video with the sand wedge. I'm 99% sure what is going on there is that my chest and arms are disconnected and instead of turning a good bit with the chest/torso I'm really pulling the club back with like 95% arms. I compared this view at A2 to a bunch of professionals and nobody had anywhere near the amount of flex I did with the right arm at this point. As you noted before, I do get a pretty good turn, but I think it happens somewhat later than it should. To tie this in with what you mentioned, when a disconnect like that exists you essentially don't give your left arm the space it needs to continue to freely turn and instead the bicep of that arm ends up pressing into the left pectoral area which causes the breakdown of the left elbow. I think continuing to work on my takeaway to A2 (I might actually start focusing on taking these practice takeaways to A3) and working on the connection between the torso and arms early on is exactly what I need to remedy this. Thanks for the input. It really helps me affirm that I'm working on the right things (along with my work on not early extending).
    • But $12 extra to ride. That's almost as brutal as the heat.  Either I need to get tougher or the weather needs to get cooler. 
    • You have a nice swing IMO and much better that what I would expect from a 14. The 83 you shot seems like it should be more typical. My guess is you need to get out and play some more!🙂
    • I wish I was as eloquent as you, @billchao. There is no way other pros/pro coaches aren't taking notice of this. There was a Trackman on one of his drives this week. Smash factor was only 1.40 and the drive went over 350. He missed the fairway but was WAAAY close to the green.
    • The USGA states in their guide to setting up a tournament course: "An area two to three feet in radius around the hole should be as nearly level as possible and of uniform grade.  In no case should holes be located in tricky places or on sharp slopes where a ball can gather speed.  A player above the hole should be able to stop the ball at the hole." Of course, this guide is for tournaments but it seems reasonable to expect day-to-day play to generally meet these parameters.  Unfortunately, courses don't always practice what the USGA preaches. Some older greens have slopes that approach unplayable condition when the green speeds are increased to modern standards.  Unfortunately, no course wants to tell everyone, "Our greens are rolling at a 6 on the Stimp Meter!!" When I play, I expect some hole locations to be very challenging and some less. A two putt should never be automatic on every green.  I am not, however, a masochist.  If a course insists on setting the hole locations in extreme positions or brings the green's speed beyond what the design can accommodate, I am with you, vote with your feet and find another place to play.  
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