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The Bicycle Thread

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All things bicycle here.

This guy installed a Loud Bicycle. It's basically a car horn on a bike. Folks, don't be surprised if you hear a car horn and a bike is behind you. He also vlogged his ride via his helmet cam. LOOK AT ALL THOSE BICYCLISTS! You can hear him use the Loud Bicycle at around 05:54. I wondered if the drivers even noticed in time.


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Juuuust missed a century. Ran out of daylight.  Not gonna risk becoming road kill for some 0.0001% sports car driving speedster, didn't bring blinkies. Now to watch Tiger Woods. A pickup truck did buzz me too close though.

Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 8.28.16 PM.png

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KIckstarter for "revolutionary" bike lock, 75 USD. 

Goodbye bicycle. New York City, Gone in <60 seconds.

You wanna protect your bike? I use a beater. You use a bike no one wants to steal.

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Don't watch hockey (used to at one time) so don't know who Sean Avery is, guessing he's some type of enforcer retaliator guy, don't know his reputation, but this is a bit much. I like it when cyclists stick up for themselves, but I would have just gone around.


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2 hours ago, David in FL said:

Some people, in this case the mouthy guy on a bike (I refuse to call him a cyclist), don’t seem to realize that getting your ass kicked IS an option...

I'm pretty sure Sean Avery was the cyclist.

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47 minutes ago, iacas said:

I don't think he's worried about the guy beating him up.

That’s the point.  No one thinks it could happen.

Then 3 guys with tire irons show up.

Regardless though, he was a dick.  And I’m a serious cyclist...

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Just got my 13 year old a Cult Gateway freestyle BMX bike. He’s loving it! My 9 year old got his old bike which is a very nice Cannondale so he’s pretty happy too!

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