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The Bicycle Thread

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All things bicycle here.

This guy installed a Loud Bicycle. It's basically a car horn on a bike. Folks, don't be surprised if you hear a car horn and a bike is behind you. He also vlogged his ride via his helmet cam. LOOK AT ALL THOSE BICYCLISTS! You can hear him use the Loud Bicycle at around 05:54. I wondered if the drivers even noticed in time.


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Juuuust missed a century. Ran out of daylight.  Not gonna risk becoming road kill for some 0.0001% sports car driving speedster, didn't bring blinkies. Now to watch Tiger Woods. A pickup truck did buzz me too close though.

Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 8.28.16 PM.png

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KIckstarter for "revolutionary" bike lock, 75 USD. 

Goodbye bicycle. New York City, Gone in <60 seconds.

You wanna protect your bike? I use a beater. You use a bike no one wants to steal.

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Don't watch hockey (used to at one time) so don't know who Sean Avery is, guessing he's some type of enforcer retaliator guy, don't know his reputation, but this is a bit much. I like it when cyclists stick up for themselves, but I would have just gone around.


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2 hours ago, David in FL said:

Some people, in this case the mouthy guy on a bike (I refuse to call him a cyclist), don’t seem to realize that getting your ass kicked IS an option...

I'm pretty sure Sean Avery was the cyclist.

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47 minutes ago, iacas said:

I don't think he's worried about the guy beating him up.

That’s the point.  No one thinks it could happen.

Then 3 guys with tire irons show up.

Regardless though, he was a dick.  And I’m a serious cyclist...

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Just got my 13 year old a Cult Gateway freestyle BMX bike. He’s loving it! My 9 year old got his old bike which is a very nice Cannondale so he’s pretty happy too!

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    • Day 78 Frustrating practice day. A little tired and achy from a long day of being on my feet, so didn’t feel like dealing with Planemate bands which require extra effort.  Hit some balls with 6, 7, and 8-iron, working on completing a full turn before starting downswing. Contact was really poor, thin and off the toe almost every strike. Maybe because it was dark. Had to hit a few little pitch shots to finish up just to feel like I had some solid strikes. 
    • Probably zero, even if we include the ending.  Palmer picked up Nicklaus's marker on 18, trying to concede.  He was stopped by a USGA rules official who reminded him that in medal play, you cannot concede a putt.  He put it back, Nicklaus made the 2' for 71 (to Palmer's 74). But there was no intent, and (at least to me) to use the word cheating there has to be intent.
    • Day 42.  I spent 10 minutes hitting half swings with a 9-iron (typically the longest pitch shot that comes up semi-regularly).  Off a mat, into a net, combination of whiffle and plush balls, a few real ones.  
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