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    • Sorry in advance for this but as a student and guy who bought the book and read it a few times - is there a thought about adding some coupons again sometime soon? 😬
    • Something clicked in my head when I read this. I forgot about the chest down part (we didn't focus on it much in Erie because I kept dipping too low), but I thought about it now and put everything together and realized what I'm trying to do is a hip hinge like I would do when weightlifting. So I started practicing a hip hinge as my transition move. I played on Sunday with that feel and hit the ball pretty solidly, but had some clubface control issues. I practiced today to refine everything:   I think these swings are probably the best ones so far. I learned today that my clubface issues come from the arms lifting too much in the backswing. If I get them too high, the club tips out and I hit too much across the ball with the face open. Big push-fades. Need to keep feeling the left arm stays lower in the backswing, almost too flat - Ben Hogan pane of glass feel.
    • I wasn’t saying jeans weren’t ok just more of a comfort thing. I don’t really care if somebody plays in jeans. I just couldn’t be comfortable golfing in jeans. I agree with the not caring about what the person wears. From the people I’ve been paired with when I didn’t have 4, the better the clothes the worse the game. I know it’s not a hard rule but I think fairly accurate. 
    • I'm so glad I don't have to worry about my kyphosis...that would be a nightmare....
    • For the jeans, I think a lot depends on the course. There are some people who end up choosing between golfing or not depending on what they can wear based on time. I play a lot of public courses that have, shall we say...a relaxed or perhaps country setting. We routinely have construction guys roll up in their battered rig, roll out and head straight to the tee (the courses know them well enough to let them pay after the round) in dirty jeans, shirts, etc. Wide range of abilities from double bogey hackers to some guys who run a lot of pars. I love these courses because I can wear gym shorts, tee shirts, and just play. I see people ranging from the above all the way to the guys with the tight tucked tour set-up, belt, etc.   My enjoyment of my personal round has nothing to do with which groups I see ahead or behind me or, for that matter, if I am matched up with them. Jeans, cut-offs, wife-beaters, none of them bother me or my round, only the personality of the people I am matched with.   I also sometimes play much nicer courses...I have been able to play the private With Hollow side of Pumpkin Ridge, as one example, and there I do wear the ugly-@# shorts and a nicer polo. I also intentionally play there very seldom as I don't enjoy the round as much in clothes I find ugly.   Which likely means the codes are working. They keep people like me who don't care about what other people are wearing away from courses where people are more interested in the atmosphere. For me the beauty is there is room for both. I have no need to play those courses and those courses have no need for the money of people like me, they seem to be getting along fine.  
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