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The New Tappan Zee Bridge

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Not crazy about how it was named the Mario Cuomo Bridge (passed in wee hours in secret by his son), but official opening is tomorrow, in my mind, it'll be the new Tappan Zee Bridge. Maybe the Nyack - Tarrytown bridge?





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4 hours ago, boogielicious said:

We drove over the old one in May. It was sketchy. 

It's been sketchy for more than a decade. This project was long overdue.

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Yeah, was way past due date, not built for the capacity and weight it currently, well, used to support. Let's wait for the last minute to fix it when it'll cost the most stratagem. Sigh.


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The old bridge was in bad shape. I hated driving over the large steel plate "patches" when they were wet. I haven't been over the new section yet but, it'll still be the Tappan Zee to me. It'll be hard to call it something else after knowing it as the TZ Bridge for 5+ decades. 

I wonder what my EZPass bill will call it... MCB?..Cuomo? Mario? Super Mario?  LOL

Oh, and I love the fact that they pulled out the toll booths and one doesn't have to jockey around / slow down for the EZPass / pay toll lanes, etc. 


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